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This is what’s in my camera bag. What’s in yours?

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By now you may very well know that I’m a bit of a fan of taking photos. You didn’t? Where have you been? Dude, I’m addicted! I get asked a lot what cameras I have, what I use for my photo-a-day photos, and which I like best.

I’m just a girl who likes to take photos. I have nothing amazing in my bag. No expensive lenses or anything crazy. My girlfriend Rowe has amazing gear, as does Danimezza. Those girls are the real deal.


So here’s what’s in my bag {well, in my bookshelf, but same thing only different}:

♥ Canon DSLR 7D: This is my fancy pants camera. Before this I had a 450D which is a more basic model. This one has video functionality which I REALLY need to become acquainted with. I use this camera when I’m organised and know that I’m going to do a shoot, particularly with food etc. With the new baby I do hope to take more photos.

My favourite lens is a cheapy {in comparison to other lenses}. It’s a 50mm 1.8 and costs about $150. I like it because it lets lots of light in and makes photos all blurry, just how I like them!

♥ Fuji Instax: This was a gift from Hubby a while back. I’m addicted to polaroids. I probably have 1000s of photos I’ve taken over the years. Piles and piles of them, boxes filled with them and photo books too. They’re the most fun you can have with a camera. Film is expensive though, so it’s been a while between polaroids of late.

♥ GO PRO: This is a sweet little camera that is easy to take with us, particularly when we’re traveling or heading to the beach. I still haven’t played with it as much as I would like, but it we’ve taken some great underwater photos and Hubby does some great video when he attaches it to his Stand-Up Paddle Board. The underwater case is what we use for underwater, obviously!

♥ iPhone 5: This poor thing has been dropped a gazillion times, and takes photos daily. It’s much-loved and over-used. I love it. It’s what I use for all my photo-a-day photos.

♥ Macro & fish-eye lenses: These are my newest addition to my camera family. I bought them cheaply on eBay, but they’re so much fun so far. I think I spent $11 including postage, and they’ve been worth those dollars so far.

What sort of camera do you use most often? Do you have one that you’re lusting after at the moment?