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This is the place

Fat Mum Slim /

This is the place I met him for our first date. We ate pizza and watched football. He gave me butterflies.

This is the place he told me three words. I love you. I whispered them back.

This is the place where I sat on his floor and cried when he told me he had to go away for work.

This is the place where I waited for him, missing him terribly.

This is the place that I packed my belongings into my car and moved them in.

This is the place where he asked me to marry him on my 23rd birthday, just before our closest friends and family arrived.

This is the place I said “yes!”

This is the place where I planned every little detail of the wedding. And there were many details.

This is the place where we came home to as a happily married couple.

This is the place where I told him I was pregnant, and we cried happy tears.

This is the place where we built our baby a nursery, laying on the floor day-dreaming about what she would look and be like.

This is the place where the backpackers partied all night and kept us awake.

This is the place where my waters broke and we left for the last time as ‘just us’.

This is the place that we bought our baby girl home to, as parents.

This is the place where she took her first steps, said her first words and kept us awake night after night after night.

This is the place where we fed family and friends, and laughed, and cried, and laughed some more.

This is the place that we grew out of.

This is the place where many magical memories were made.

This is the place we once called home.

Goodbye beautiful Bondi. xx

  • Vic

    This is such a beautiful post – its amazing how many memories a building can hold!

  • Amanda

    Aww. This made me teary. I’m sure you’ll make memories just as wonderful in your new home. Cheers!

  • Pip Muir

    This is the post that brought a tear to my eye. Good luck for your big move – and enjoy all that space.

  • Aroha @ Colours of Sunset

    Gosh I’m all choked up and they’re not even my memories!! What a special place. It must be hard saying goodbye, but new and wonderful memories will be made in the new place, too.

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  • Wow – so many memories for the one place! I’ve moved around too much to be able to link my equivalent memories to just one home… but Bondi was one of them too, and will always have a soft spot in my heart.

  • Lovely post. Wishing you ever more happy and wonderful memories in your next home.

  • This post made me well up! We have lived in 3 places together as a couple and a couple before that while we were dating and it is amazing to look back on the places where your love grew, your babies lives began and you became a family. We too moved further and further out of the city and now have more space for our boys to run amok. But every time I drive past our old place, I remember similar things to what you describe above.

    Change is scary but also exciting. I hope your new home brings even more happy times to you and your family.xoxoxoxoxo

  • Elizabeth Saxe Coburg-Gotha is an evil woman, why do we slave away at work our whole lives for money with her face on

  • Kellie Stephenson

    This is ….. just beautiful.