This Aussie Island has had a makeover and you need to see it

About 13 years ago, yes almost back in the olden days before kids, Shane and I took a little getaway up to a little island in the Whitsundays, called Daydream Island. For us, it was a big deal. We weren’t fancy, we didn’t really holiday except for road trips and camping, and an island resort seemed incredibly adult and cool.

It was a great holiday. The food was great, the pools were lush, the snorkeling was fun, and we were in the WHITSUNDAYS. Life doesn’t get much better.

So, heading back to Daydream Island recently, I wondered how much it had changed. People had said it was tired, and outdated, but I knew it underwent a huge makeover due a cyclone damaging so much of the island so I was keen to give it the once over.

Let me tell you, it is beautiful. It is modern and stylish, and felt like I was walking straight into a magazine spread. So much had changed, and while it was devastating for it to go through such a hard time in the wake of the cyclone, it was inspiring to see that it was positively thriving afterwards. The decor is one thing though, but for me the biggest change was the passion from the staff and teams that worked on the island. It’s one place we’ll definitely go back to and happily recommend to friends and family.

8 reasons to book a family holiday to Daydream Island

1. Get chummy with stingrays
If a labrador was a sea animal, what would it be? A stingray, of course! Stingrays are known as the puppies of the sea. They’re actually really friendly, and the marine biology team at Daydream let you experience that in the most beautiful way. Stingray Splash is a fun activity for small groups, where you can all get up close with the friendly resident stingrays. You can feed them treats and give them a little pat as they play around you. My kids are still talking about it, so be sure to check it out when you visit.

2. Take a dip in the Daydream pools
The pool set-up at Daydream is really well done. I remember even thirteen years ago, there was a pool for kids, and there was a pool that didn’t have kids {we were kid-free, so that’s where you could find us back then}. There’s even a swim-up bar, so if you want to float your way to cocktail hour, you can absolutely do that!

3. Eat the delicious delights of the Daydream chefs
Promise me this, if/when you visit, you’ll make a booking at the Infinity Restaurant for dinner. Do you promise? It had the most delicious Japanese-fusion food, and the pastry chef is insanely talented and knows how to make a brilliant dessert. All the food at Daydream is good, from the buffet breakfast, to the poolside restaurant, and then the Japanese-style restaurant upstairs. You will never go hungry!

4. Watch the sunset at Lovers Cove
Doesn’t Lovers Cove sound romantic? Well, it is! All guests can access this hidden beach, with it’s white coral sand. It’s the perfect spot to take a bottle of wine, some glasses and let the kids play while you watch the sun go down. You can even feed the fish and go snorkeling, climb the rocks, or just sit around and do very little at all except take in the view. It’s a magical corner of the world.

5. Befriend the Wallaroos
Not a kangaroo, and not a wallaby either, the local residents on Daydream Island are the Wallaroos. They’re super friendly, and so beautiful to look at too. If you grab a sneaky apple at breakfast time, the Wallaroos love a little fruit treat in the afternoons. They come out to the lawn near the pool when the sun goes down, so keep an eye out for them.

6. Take a day trip to the most beautiful beach in the world
Whitehaven beach is voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world, and the moment you step food into the soft silica sand of Whitehaven, you’ll understand why. The water colour looks like it’s straight out of Instagram, and it’s just a breathtaking piece of paradise. Daydream Island offers full day and half day tours.

7. Experience the world-first living reef
This is a new addition to Daydream Island, and like nothing I’ve seen before in our travels. The marine biology team has created an underwater observatory and a Living Reef, which guests can actually snorkel in. Guests can snorkel, feed fish, and hang out with a particularly sassy stingray named Luann.

8. Hold a sea cucumber
The reef and marine life as such a big drawcard on Daydream Island, and I think it’s just so beautifully done. They have education programs where can become Reef Rangers and shadow the Marine Biologists for a day, helping them out with their daily tasks. My kids loved getting involved, learning more about what happens under the sea, and even holding a sea cucumber {not as gross as it sounds!}.

Have you ever been to Daydream Island?

We traveled as guests of Tourism and Events Queensland. All opinions are my own. You can discover more about Daydream Island by heading over to their website.