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The Unexpected Lesson

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Over the weekend I spent some time at a blogging conference. I had such a good time. I laughed so hard. It was good because I got to hang with friends, and that’s always good for the soul. It was good because I got to hang with one of my funniest friends, who was also my roommate for the weekend, Rebel. It was just good.


It had to be done. #selfielift #pbevent

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I spoke on a panel at the conference too, on the topic of Visual Storytelling for blogging. You might well know that I love photography, and images, so I loved sharing how important it is to my blog. It’s the bees knees. We gave out cookies at our session. It was good.

I don’t even have enough fingers and toes to count how many good moments occurred over this past weekend. There were so many. I laughed until I cried, and almost wet myself. I had awesome conversations with inspiring people. I learned stuff. I ate beautiful food. I went to a VIP dinner in a penthouse {heck yes!}. It was good.

But you know the moment I remember most? It wasn’t a good moment. I had someone say something to me that wasn’t particularly nice. With most things I don’t care so much what people say, but I care about the intention was behind it. This moment didn’t feel good. I didn’t see it coming. In the grand scheme of things it was pretty much nothing, but it kinda felt a whole lot of shitty.

And of all those amazing moments that happened, the loudest was that shitty moment. It was so loud that I wanted to quit blogging, and do something else. Anything. Shelf-packing, lawn-mowing, house-cleaning, courier driving. Anything.

Dramatic much? Oh, totally.

This year has felt long and tiresome. Just when I think things are rolling in the right direction, something will knock me back down and put me back into place. I’ve let things chip away at me more than I should. I’m stupidly sensitive, and always hope for the best from people. I’ve had nasty emails, messages and comments come from nowhere. I’ve had some health stuff. Some life stuff. Lots of stuff. It’s not my year. It hasn’t felt like my year. And that chipping away was leaving me a little battle-weary.

And that’s how I felt after that weekend; battle-weary.


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So I felt sorry for myself and sat in that place for a little while. The uncomfortable, self-assessing place.

And then I gave myself a talking to.

The biggest thing I learned from that weekend is this: Life is what I make of it. If I choose to focus on all the crappy things in life, then that’s what I think about and perhaps create. Those will be the loudest, most prominent things. But, I’m not made for everyone to like me. What people think of me is actually none of my business. I can take what I need from what people have to say {and sometimes I need to take NOTHING}, and then go all Elsa on it. I can LET IT GO.

No one needs to be carrying that crappy stuff around. Life is short. Life is good. Sometimes there’s just a few speed humps along the way.

And so that’s what I’m doing today, and everyday forward. Imma let it go.