13 thoughts on “The Overreactor”

  1. I’m very much an ‘overreacter’ myself but I’ve come to be ok with that because you know what, I’d rather over react than under react! If it turns out to be nothing, well, no harm done but if it is something and I did nothing that could be so much worse!

  2. When it comes to your health or that of your kids always trust your gut. I’m so pleased she is all good and Home now❤ meanwhile I was totally imagining you going full pelt down the hill doing the seagull chip arms ☺☺☺

  3. I’m the “you’re ok” type too – The D-Man came off his skateboard the other day, he’s screaming, there’s no blood though, I’m saying “you’re ok”, he screams at me, “stop saying that Mama, I AM NOT OK!” – it made me smile…… he was fine, although there was that one time I put him to bed with what we found out later was a broken arm, you’re ok….. xx

      • Ha! There’s so a blog post in this!!! Yes he’s fine! I put him to bed with some Nurofen, an hour later he hasn’t been to sleep & he has a lump on his wrist, I’m thinking, this doesn’t look right. I take him to emergency where the nurse at the front desk takes one look at him & says, yep, that’s broken! We end up in there overnight & an op the next day to have the break re-set! First week of kindy….. ah, happy days!!! ?

  4. I think your reactions are great and nothing to be ashamed of. So glad you insisted on having them see your daughter, just because she is not a drama queen does not mean she wasn’t having issues. Good job.

  5. I love the way you really like the ‘sweet kid’ who is my son, whilst I’m having epic failures as a Mum for letting them go down that hill! You’ve nursed on two occasions now….including my bruised heart and guilty conscience for letting the stacks happen. So personally, I don’t give a rats what you look like as you come to the rescue! (A better Mum would use past tense huh?)

    You’re always beautiful and caring and kind and I appreciate sharing my mothering anxieties with you and not feeling alone on those xxx

  6. It sure is you can’t change your personality Chantelle I’m a serous over reactor but mostly our gut instinct is spot on…don’t change for anyone Xx

  7. This made me smile… in our family it’s the other way round and my husband is definitely the overreactor (I’m a Brit, so typical stiff upper lip!). Now that we have a toddler though I’m learning that it’s probably best to react a teensy bit more! Agree with the other commenters… better safe than sorry!

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