The bests and the worst


Ah, I feel like my brain is somewhere up in the air, somewhere between the USA and Australia, yet my body is firmly planted here on the couch in Australia. The past week has been a bit of a wild ride, with seven full days in Disneyland.

It was fun, like truckloads of child-like fun, but exhausting all the same.

I was on a media event, invited over to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary, and traveled with a group of other journalists, bloggers, magazine editors, radio stars and TV personalities. On the last night, we all sat around waiting to go into dinner and one person started off by asking each person what they loved best about the experience {three things} and what they disliked most. It was interesting to hear what each person took from the experience, and I thought I’d write mine here.


ONE. You can’t go past seeing joy and wonder and happiness through your children’s eyes. I hope I remember those moments forever, because they’re some of my favourite moments in life so far. We were watching a show {the World of Color, for those that know what shows you can see at Disney}, and we were surrounded by people. Let It Go was playing, and I looked at Lacey and she was singing at the top of her lungs. She didn’t care who could hear or see her, she was just so happy in that moment… and I could see that she felt the magic right there. There were lots of those moments last week, just beautiful, heartfelt, joyful moments.

TWO. I had my own moment. I’ve really struggled with a lot of things in the past year, which I’ll write about when I’m feeling ready, but the kids were back in the room with Hubby and I was out with the rest of the media group watching a parade. They’d closed down the park, so it was just media {still about 1000 people or more} and the characters of Disney were all lit up and parading before us. Afterwards fireworks lit up the sky, and snow {fake} fell from above while music played. Tears rolled down my cheek, and I had a moment. Actually it was a few moments rolled into one. I felt like a kid again. I felt hope. I felt inspired that Walt Disney had a dream and created it. He also dreamed of changing lives, and he did just that. And I realised that I had my own dream, and it had brought me to that spot right there… snow falling, skies alight… and that was pretty magic.

THREE. I get anxiety every now and then, and it comes with new situations mostly. Going on a trip with people you don’t know can be daunting… especially when everyone is so super accomplished and I feel like some blogger who just wings her way through life. I was anxious about being part of the group, and how the dynamics would all work. This group of people were perfection. I laughed with them, cried with them, let them force me to go on scary roller coasters with them, and I walked away so inspired by them.

It was hard to find a worst, but I managed to wrangle a few. Jet lag is up there. I think it would be easy to manage if you didn’t have kids. Well, not easy but easier. You could steal a nap here and there. But kids, well they like to wake in the middle of the night and stay awake. The park was also open for 24 hours one day while we were there, so that meant there were crowds. I don’t mind crowds to a certain point, and then I’m not a fan. The crowds were not awesome on one of the days we were there. I also didn’t love the flu I brought home from Disneyland {most likely the plane ride}. That’s not my idea of a good souvenir. Also, Lulu broke my computer and I thought I’d lost all my Disneyland photos. I’m currently surrounded by wires and computers trying to retrieve them. I think I’ve worked it out! Huzzah.

How has life been for you? What’s your best and worst from the past week? Tell me all. x

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  1. I felt a tear run down my cheek when I read your second point. Big hugs.x
    Worst: I’ve been so sick for over a week and half. What started as a virus now has a sinus infection on top of it and my left ear is blocked. I’ve never felt so flat or exhausted or horrible in such a long time. I haven’t slept properly in 6 nights. My skin has broken out in the grossest way. I feel like I’ve hacked up my throat and coughed up all of my internal organs.
    Best: the fact I can see my doctor the day I call them. That I can go to the chemist and afford to buy the medicine I need. That my husband went to the shops last night to buy me eucalyptus oil to put in my vaporiser and a block of hazelnut chocolate. That I can watch Foxtel 24/7. That I can take paid sick days and completely rest and allow my body to get better. That I will get better. x

  2. My best was thanks to you. This time two years ago I was in Disney with my daughter. And even though she’s in her 20’s and I’m in my 40’s we both both reverted to childhood. Thank you for helping to take me back there!

  3. Chantelle – you are super accomplished to most of us!! Love hearing the best and worst.. makes it feel more real. I was one of those lucky kids who went to Disneyland more than a few times as a kid and I can’t wait to take my kids… it would be a dream come true, crowds and all. You’re living the dream! x

  4. OMG reading about the magic made ME cry gahhhh Disneyland would totally make me bawl and seeing my kids so happy and when they have those moments when they hold their little breaths becuase they are so happy and excited, it makes everything ok. And you my friend are more than accomplished. The magic YOU have given to this world is more than you might think. xxx

  5. Taking my children to Disneyland was by far one of the best experiences of my life, I had always dreamt of going there and to take my children really felt like an accomplishment. I had an experience similar to yours, we visited Disneyland over Christmas 3 years ago and on our first night my parents took our kids back to our room while my husband and I stayed to enjoy some rides on our own and to watch the fireworks (we had been there since 8am for the character breakfast) WE were mesmerised by the fireworks they were breath taking then when the last firework faded I’m dreaming of a white Christmas started to play and snow started to fall, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing hearing and feeling. I was so swept up in emotion that I couldn’t help but cry I turned to my husband and he too had a tear in his eye, we just grabbed each other and danced to the music, he whispered in my ear “If we weren’t already married I would get down on one knee now and ask you to marry me” It was one of the most beautiful and romantic moments of my life!!!
    We are taking a trip back to America this Christmas and will be visiting Disney World I’m looking forward to many more of these kind of moments 🙂

  6. Now whenever you read something about Disneyland, you’ll be instantly taken back there. I’m walking in under the entrance sign, sitting strapped into the Star Tours ride or lining up for the millionth time outside It’s a Small World (thanks, mum). I was 15 when we went. But it was yesterday.

  7. This last week we travelled to an eisteddfod which is a different kind of magic to see my children have the courage to get up on stage and the joy shine through in their eyes is just magical and makes my heart burst …the pride in seeing them get up and get through piece well is a best …and seeing them smile if they get a place is just awesome …. the pride in themselves and knowing their hard work was worth it if just for one moment…..the hard bits wwere when siblings are aginst each other and even harder if one wins and one doesnt your so torn wi th excitment for one and feeling disapointment with the other …..the car ride fluctuate s between fun songalongs and the fights over who sits where but you know what i would do it all again in a heartbeat

    • Oh gosh, that’s always going to be tough – but hopefully they can be happy for each other at some point.

      I love watching Lacey on stage. I want to cry, and break out in fits of laughter at the same time. Such a funny feeling!

  8. Last week I bit the bullet and just dove in head first. I was reading an article on another blog (tsk tsk) and it was to do with Mercury in Retrograde and how i need to stop letting all the little, solvable factors go and just enrol to do my Diploma in Specialist Makeup.
    Makeup is my passion and I have been working on and off with it for the last 5 years so now its time to step up the game. Coincidentally as i said yes to myself, the phone rang and the course advisor was calling to tell me there were days available!

    Worst – kids not sleeping, i didn’t get to walk and Cadbury released Vegemite chocolate WTF. ..

    • I’m refusing to try that chocolate, because it’s so wrong.

      Oh, Mercury Retrograde. I’m freaking knee-deep in it. Care to share the blog post you read?

      Congrats on the course. I’m so happy for you. People following their dreams are the best people in the world. Congrats on being one of them. x

  9. I had a few bests this week, and your trip to Disney inspired them strangely enough. I enrolled myself into a Diploma for Social Media Management, I always feel like I’m floundering and have no real idea what I’m doing when it comes to my blog and my social media accounts, just by enrolling has already made me feel so much more empowered.

    Also, I just jumped in and decided to open an online store filled with art created by myself and my daughter, scary stuff, but also exciting.

    Worst – My neighbour who is like a father to me came and told me that he was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer and his doctors have not given him a great outlook. My dad died a year and a half ago, and my neighbour (who knew dad), stepped up and took care of us, so it’s been hard news to take.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this news. I’m sure your heart is breaking just thinking of your dad and his journey. 🙁

      On a happier note, congratulations on moving forward with the online world. That’s amazing. I’m not who how my trip inspired it, but that’s awesome. xx

  10. I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland as a kid (9yo). We arrived at our motel (across the many laned road outside Disneyland) at about 10am. The motel manager told us it was the last day of the Christmas season and we had to go that day (not in my parents’ plan!) to see the Christmas parade and all the decorations. We arrived at Disneyland at 11am and left when it closed at midnight – a mega day!!! I threw up at about 5pm after the tea cup ride but I refused to leave, because I wasn’t missing out on anything! You have just taken me back to the magic of that trip and the amazing experience of dreams that Disneyland is. I hope I get another opportunity in life to go there.

  11. The best bits of the week were stalking, oops, I mean, following, your Disney photos. That place is just magical, a bit like this place really, except your place is on the interwebs and Disneyland is in LA. You and Walt have a lot in common because you both make the world a happier place every single day!

  12. the only part about disney that bothers me is the rude people pushing me out of the way while pushing my stroller. did you experience any of that?

      • it must be a Florida thing. I’ve had the back of my heels ran over the last time I went at least a dozen times. all I could do was speed up. I’m glad you had a wonderful time 🙂 we were supposed to go to Disney this coming up weekend but our funds went elsewhere. oh well! there’s always the fall!! which is usually the best time to go 😉

  13. First up… You are so accomplished my dear!! And what a moment! Totally gave me goosebumps!
    My worst: getting sick. Like razor blades in my throat/sinus explosion sick!
    Best: signing up for an online course AND my new boots arriving in the post when I was home sick! Always an upside 😉 xx

  14. How magical!
    I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland with my sis and Nanna when I was 9. And would love to take my brood one day (hopefully while they’re still young enough to have those moments that take your breath away like Lacey’s reaction did 🙂

    Loved following your adventures!
    Patience-testing moments of today for me: 3yo son cracking 8 eggs on the floor, screaming children so I missed my once-a-week fitness class, and (while I was cleaning up the egg mess) one of my 1yo twins dragging a chair to the kitchen sink, climbing up and filling a cup with dishwater and taking a sip just as I got there in time to remove it from her grasp. LOL! :-O

  15. Oh a big emotional shift…love those moments! For the record Chantelle you are not ‘just some blogger’…you are soooo much more than that gorgeous x

  16. Best 3
    1Hubby getting some solid work
    2 My children are settled, my eldest struggles with anxiety but thankfully the last few weeks is in a great place
    3 I had a complete kid free day the other day and went alone to the movies which was bliss
    1 my mother had a stroke a few days ago
    2 listen to my dad cry over the phone ( he never does this)
    3 I’m just so tired from work, pressure and everything else in between , like achingly tired and worn out. I miss the days when I could look in the mirror a feel pretty.

  17. What an amazing experience! Hubby and I have made a pact that for our 40th birthdays (our son will be 11) we’re taking a family holiday to Disneyland. I went there when I was that age and still remember it vividly

  18. I bet it was so hectic, I can just imagine the anxiety with all those other media attendees, but also they choose YOU, the gorgeous, honest, funny and caring Chantelle to go and be a part of this magical occasion. Disney holds a special place in my heart, I do hope to take our children there one day. I’ve been to Walt Disney World in Florida, I know it’s not quite the same but it was magical for a 21-year-old me! There’s no rush to tell us stuff, maybe you need time to let it rattle in your head, or maybe you don’t even need to tell us. Thanks for sharing these memories and I LOVE that family photo by the way! x

  19. We ALL feel like we’re just winging our way through life. Talk to the “accomplished” people in your circles and connect at that point.

  20. That is THE MOST AMAZING photo of the family- I LOVE IT!! I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip, and had a good time in the US. I hope you remember that trip forever, or even get to take another trip (hopefully to Oregon!) to the US.

  21. I live an hour away from Disney and I’m an annial pass holder, but when I experienced the new fireworks and the snow I cried too. It was wonderful! So, I totally understand. Great post!

  22. Oh I loved Disneyland, I can’t wait until my girls are a little older so I can take them as I can imagine how much they will love it.

    I can’t believe your 3rd point – you are so amazing and have achieved so much with your blogging!!! 🙂

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