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THIS is what teachers really want for Christmas

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I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’re a teacher, you’re thinking teachers don’t really want anything. The smiles and pure joy of your kids {cough} is more than enough. It’s a gift every single day. ?

The reality is, hundreds/thousands/gazillions of teachers will be gifted something this Christmas. The other reality is that it’s most likely going to be a candle or a box of chocolates. This is what teachers get most of each year.

I put a call out on my Facebook page a while back, asking “Teachers, what do you REALLY want?” and they answered and it was awesome.

Lacey has been blessed to have amazing teachers all throughout her school life {may it continue, please!}. This year though… I just saw Lacey thrive right before my eyes. Maybe she matured and she just got ‘it’ or maybe she was lead by an amazing teacher who just got her. Who actually just gets kids. Lacey’s teacher has this magic of keeping them in line, but also being someone the kids idolise. It’s been an awesome year, and I’ve been so happy with everything. So has Lacey. We couldn’t ask for anything more

So, as I do at Christmas, I want to let her teacher know how much I adore her, how much we ALL adore her, and what a difference she made. So I’ll do that with a gift and a card.

Want to know what teachers really want? THIS is the list.

  • your child’s favourite book {so they can read it to the students next year}
  • wine!
  • a gift card {to the supermarket or major store}
  • coffee
  • a Gold Class movie voucher
  • a dinner voucher {GroupOn has some great ones}
  • a gift for the staffroom {like a fruit basket}
  • a handmade anything {something from the heart for the win!}
  • a charity donation {include an explanation of why you chose that charity}
  • a heartfelt card {tell them why you adore them!}
  • a fancy water bottle
  • stationery {personalised is even better}
  • a little plant

Teachers, do you have anything to add?

Also, how awesome are teachers? Seriously THE BEST!






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  • Thermal mug with a lid or gloves for playground duty…??

  • As a teacher – I would love any/all of those things!

  • Heather Reeves

    A few years ago I planted a little succulent in a pot that I could write on saying “Thank you for helping me grow!” and my daughter’s name. The teachers loved it! Personal and creative – a win for everyone!

  • Suz

    Quite a few years back now I made up a scrapbook of photos of all the students in my sons class. Each student personalised their photo with a message to the teacher, needless to say she loved it.

  • Nicole

    The clothes store Sussan has an awesome book about being the best teacher. There are sections inside for your child to draw a picture of their teacher and also themselves. They can write what they have learned throughout the year and how their teacher has helped them to grow. My daughter completed a book for her teacher and he loved it.

    • michelle barrington

      That is a lovely present. As a teacher I would keep that forever

  • I took in some plonk and candles today! x

  • Stickers, you can get some great personalised ones, stamps, stationary. A Christmas tree decoration.

  • I created special teachers gift boxes from my new business because they definitely deserve something special. I haven’t got a male range yet so Eloise’s teacher got a family movie pass and a voucher for the cafe next to it – the family had a tough year health wise so we thought it would be a nice thing for them to do. He liked it!

  • Kaye Sayer-Mayers

    Having been a teaching assistant (do you have those in Australia?) I also received a selection of gifts which was lovely I honestly couldn’t say I didn’t want certain things. The chocolates were shared out at home or with friends (I’m not a chocoholic more of a wine ‘oholic ?). What we did in the new year was to write a new year greeting letter also thanking the class for presents and cards and wishes. I would say it’s one of the unasked for perks of working in the teaching profession (which I no longer do I’m a student myself now).

  • Dora Parker

    Those gifts sound awesome, I wish a was a teacher! lol

  • Lisa Mazor

    My daughter put together a video for her teacher based on the book Me without You and filmed each girl saying a short line like “us without you is like craft with no glue, a foot with no shoe, kanga with no roo, etc. then spliced it all together in iMovie … I think it went down well!

  • I bought a laser cut apple with “Thank you Miss… Ava 2016” engraved on it. It could be a Christmas tree ornament, or just something cute for those teachers that didn’t celebrate Christmas. My daughter’s educators all loved them.

  • Briony

    The Paperboat Press has some beautiful items and my daughters teachers are getting some handmade ceramic apple magnets from there and a packet of ‘ribbon ties’ hair ties – hopefully pretty and practical. Looking after toddlers all week they have certainly earnt a special thank you.