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The brilliant smartwatch for kids who aren’t phone-ready

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Brought to you in partnership with Spacetalk.

When it came to parenting, I never really thought about anything beyond the toddler years. It was all nappies, sleep deprivation, play dates and first words. Now that those years are behind me, I’m walking into the minefield of teen years, tween years and that cute age {8 years!} when I’m still cool, and not at all embarrassing. I’m embracing it.

With those years comes a little cutting of the umbilical cord. Not literally of course, that’s all left behind us at the hospital many moons ago, but the kids seek a little more independence, and I am reluctantly learning to let go. One thing that’s making it all a little bit easier is technology, including the genius Spacetalk smartwatch.

While Lulu is a little too young for a phone, there have been so many times that I’ve wished I could text her, or let her know something, and now I can. Her Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatch lets me get in touch with her, without opening her world to everything else a phone offers. Genius {and a little bit more}.

Six reasons I’m loving the Spacetalk smartwatch for pre-teens

1. Lets kids be contactable. The watch is able to hold a nano sim so that your kid can receive texts and calls. Handy for all those times you’ve wanted to send a message like, “Catch the bus home today, I’ll meet you at the bus stop!”

2. It’s all about safety. You can monitor who can call and text with your kid, and who they can contact too. It’s a no stranger zone, and has no social media either.

3. It has a GPS Locator. This means that within the Spacetalk App you can see where your kid is currently located, and it can also alert you if they go out of an area too.

4. It’s tech-savvy. It contains a 5MP camera so kids can have a little fun and snap pictures. It also lets you set alarms and alerts. Things like, “CLEAN YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!”

5. It makes fitness fun. It has a heart-rate monitor and fitness tracker, so active kids can set challenges and get moving.

6. It’s made tough. Remember being a kid and freaking out when it rained that your watch would die? Those were the days. Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatch is water-resistant, and sturdy – great for kids who like to adventure and have fun in life. It also has gorilla glass, and durable bandstraps.

Best of all, it’s currently on sale in the Black Friday sales. It’s never been more affordable. The Spacetalk Adventurer smartwatch is currently down to $279 from $349. Sale ends 29th November. SHOP NOW.