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My favourite gold layered necklaces for under $50

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Layered Necklaces Under $50

Have you embraced the neck party yet? I am knee deep in my neck party phase. I am so loving wearing layered necklaces, and feel like they elevate an outfit and make it so much more fun. I am a lover of gold so I’ve shared my favourite layer necklaces in gold, and these all come in under $50 {some as cheap as $2.95, thankyouverymuch.

How to layer necklaces

If you’re a beginner to the layered necklaces game, the best tip is to get a simple multi-row necklace {one necklace clasp, but with multiple strands, like the ASOS one below} so that you don’t have to think about a single thing when it comes to styling.

The idea is that you have fun with it. Try and pick with the same colour tone {i.e. all gold, all silver etc} and then have a mix of fine, chunky, some without pendants and some with.

Lastly, if you end up with quite the collection, you can also grab a multi-strand clasp, so that all of your necklaces sit neatly on your neck and don’t spin around and get messy.

If you’re the owner of a larger size neck, like me, then you might like to grab an extender if the necklaces are too tight. You can grab one for a few dollars from Lovisa, or places like Amazon and Shein will have them too.

My favourite gold layered necklaces for under $50

ASOS multi row necklace with eye pendant | $20

The added pop of blue makes this a fun choice to mix things up! I have this one and I always get complimented on it. The fact that it has one simple clasp, makes it an easy-to-wear choice.


AMAZON Multi-layer Necklace | $4.99

As far as a starter necklace goes, this one is super budget-friendly and nice and simply to keep as a starter. I like to grab single necklaces, like in this set and add them to a multi-layer necklace set for a little bit more magic. Too much is never enough, is it?


Lovisa Multi Layer Pendant Necklace | $23.99

Lovisa Layered Necklace

I bought this necklace about a month ago now and I’ve worn it so much. I love that it comes as individual necklaces so I can pick and choose which I wear. I also love the length of the longest necklace. A perfect set for playing with!



ETSY Gold Layered Necklaces | $28.36

With a mix of fine and chunky chains, with a little bling thrown in, this Etsy set makes for a fun combo to wear with almost any outfit. I love that the lock necklace is enough of a statement to wear on its own too.


Colette by Colette Hayman Gold Multi Chain Necklace | $16.99

This is one of the multi chain necklaces I wrote about earlier {many necklaces, one clasp} so it’s an easy to wear piece that has all the makings of a perfect necklace.


Rubi Layered Gold Star Necklace | $29.99

Layer Necklaces
If you like the finer things in life and want to start a little smaller, this one is for you. With it’s delicate stars and only two strands, it makes a sweet statement without being too much.


Princess Polly Picaso Necklace Set | $20

This trio of necklaces come in a stunning tone, flattering for all skin tones. I love the simplicity of this set, and could see myself wearing it a whole lot this summer.


Shein Layered Necklace Set | $2.95

If you’re looking for a super bargain, this one is it! You could buy a few from Shein and definitely try them out. While the quality can differ and be risky, for less than $3 it’s worth the chance.


Seed Layered Medallion Necklace | $39.95

This simple, yet strong Seed necklace duo is so beautiful. You could add a simple fine necklace into the mix, or leave them as is, and create a simply stylish look.


Which layered necklace do you like best?

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