Slow Cooker Risotto.

I make a mean risotto. Actually I should say when I make a risotto, it’s a mean risotto because risotto is labour intensive. It takes a lot of love to make it, and once it’s done I rarely ever feel like eating it. I’m exhausted. So exhausted that I probably haven’t made risotto for over a year.

Finding out that risotto can be done in the slow cooker was like hitting the jackpot. The best thing is that you can pretty much put it whatever is in your fridge. For this one I used chicken breast, mushroom, bacon and shallots. {I know it doesn’t look so pretty, mushrooms tend to make it a bit grey… but I can assure you it tasted kick-arse}.

This one took about 4 hours on low, but I think it would just be a matter of tasting it, and checking that the rice is perfect… and to your liking.


1 cup arborio rice
4 tablespoons butter {I think you could put less to be healthy}
1 clove garlic
2 cups hot chicken stock
2 chopped chicken breast, browned
100g chopped bacon, browned
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup chopped shallots


♥ Place all ingredients in the slow cooker. Cook on low for four hours.
♥ Top with parmesan cheese {I didn’t have any of the good stuff, so used the cheap stuff – and it was okay}, and black pepper. Enjoy.



26 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Risotto.”

  1. Hi Chantelle thanks for sharing this recipe!

    I love risotto but tend not to make it very often because of the 'work' involved.

    This recipe looks too good! I'm hoping it becomes a family favourite. Nice and easy! Perfect for the late nights following swimming classes and footy training.

    Will be sure to test it out very soon.

    Thanks once again 🙂 x

  2. Yes, I love oven baked risotto too – but I will admit, I love the traditional method when making a seafood risotto – mmmm!

    Oven baked risotto is a family favourite for winter Sunday lunch 🙂

  3. Chantelle I just cranked out my slow cooker today for the first time this year – got some shanks, spuds, sweet potato and pumpkin cooking away. It's pretty cold here today so it's going to be the perfect wintery meal in front of our open fire. I will def be trying this risotto in my slow cooker! Thanks 🙂

  4. This is awesome! I think I make a pretty sensational risotto, too. But it's so time consuming. I'm going to give this a try. Thanks! xx

  5. Yummy
    I've been thinking about buying a slow cooker but I've just packed a heap of kitchen appliances that hardly get used including a rice cooker that has maybe been used twice.
    My question is can a rice cooker be used as a slow cooker or vice versa?
    And while I'm at it is a slow cooker any different to cooking in the oven on a lower temperature?

  6. Ooh yum! I love risotto! Actually, last night I went a bit crazy and favourited all these awesome risotto recipes in my delicious!

    I never find it difficult to make though? I just stick it all in the frying pan, jingle the rice around in the butter and put in the stock. It's a Guy Grossi recipe- so easy!!

    I will definitely try that slow cooker one though!

    You can see Guy Grossi making his risotto here:

  7. Thankyou for sharing this great recipe and another wonderful use for the slow cooker. Cannot wait to try it and give my arm a rest 🙂

  8. i have never used a slow cooker,
    just wanted to ask
    do you have to stir it often like you would a normal style risotto?
    or can you just leave it for the 4 hours?

  9. omgoodness… so excited cause i absolutely love risotto but danny doesnt so it always seems too labour intensive to bother cooking when its not really appreciated… i have a slow cooker but i pretty much just do soups, osso bucco and stews… im so making this later in the week with chicken with bacon – sounds super yummy! thanks for sharing xxx

  10. I stir it a few times, but you can actually leave it. The moisture from having the lid on stops it from sticking. The first time I'd just watch it to make sure it didn't get too dry. So perhaps try it when you're home – and not at work. x

  11. Hi Chantelle, I'm going to give this a go tomorrow. By 'shallots' did you mean the little brown onions, or the long thin green onions (spring onions)?

  12. Hi Chantelle!
    I just wanted to send a little thank you for this recipie – I tried it yesterday afternoon, and it was delish! The perfect Sunday night dinner!
    So, Ta very much!
    Hayley x

  13. Hi Chantelle
    I love your recipe for Risotto in the slow cooker, but not being the greatest cook I have a couple of questions. How many chicken breasts do you use? And how many/much mushrooms? Thanks, and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I feel like you are one of my friends by including me in your day to day life.

  14. I only recently got a slow cooker and was wondering what to try next so thanks for sharing this recipe – I love risotto and love mushrooms so this will be next on my list 🙂

  15. Sounds so good. Have never made risotto so here goes, cant wait. I have one question though: Can you freeze risotto or will the reheating process distroy it?

    • You can freeze & re-heat risotto, but it isn't great – becomes pretty mushy, but still tastes good!
      I'm going to try this slow-cooker version tonight 🙂

  16. My slow cooker might be too hot (Breville Flavour Maker), but this was done in 2 hours on low, and I needed an extra 1.5cups of stock because it was dry and hard an hour in. The rice completely broke down so it ended up mushy and as baby food, but my daughter enjoyed it! Nice flavour but awful consistency. I’m finding my slow cooker around 30% faster than most recipes…

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