September Photo A Day List 2014 | The list created by the community


Last year, in September, the Photo A Day list was a list created by the community. Everybody submitted prompts they wanted to see in a list, and I went through them and made a list. I loved it so much, and I think everyone else did too, that I decided to make it an annual thing.

So this September Photo A Day list is the list made by you guys. Thank you to those that submitted prompt ideas.

Before you scroll down and check out the list, I wanted to quickly talk about Fab Four. Each month I’ve been asking the designer of the list if they’d like to choose the Fab Four for a week. As I’m the designer this month I thought it would be cool to ask if any Instagram players would like to choose for one day {I’ll pick 10 people in total}. So if you’re keen to pick the Fab Four, keep an eye on my Instagram where I’ll ask people to let me know if they’re interested in participating.

September Photo A Day 2014


Playing photo-a-day is easy! Here’s how to play:
Grab your camera or phone or photo-taking-device.
Look at the monthly list to find the prompt for the day. {The number corresponds to the date of the month}.
Take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. So for September the prompt for day 1 is ‘in my cup’. So take a photo of what is in your cup.
Now you’ve taken a picture, it’s time to share it. This is the fun part. You can share to whichever social media platform you like, for me I like Facebook and Instagram best, oh and Twitter too. Make sure you add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday to your caption so people can find you, and others know what you’re doing.

If you’re sharing on Facebook, you might like to join our Facebook group. It’s a big, lovable community of photo-taking-people. Click here to find it.
Now you’ve shared, check out other people’s photos. You can check out the #FMSphotoaday hashtag on Instagram or Twitter to find them all. OR look at the Facebook group. It’s nice to comment and get to know other photo-takers too. We’re a friendly bunch.

If you’re playing using my App, it will add the hashtag and prompt automatically to your caption when sharing to Instagram.


I’ve touched on this above, but there are loads of places for you to upload your photo-a-day photos. Here’s a bit more details:

Instagram: Just upload your photo, and add a caption and the hashtag #FMSphotoaday and then share.
Facebook: There are a few options here. You can simply share on your own personal page, among your own friends. Or you can upload to my page’s wall, or to the FMS Photo A Day Facebook group. You can join it here: Now that Facebook has hashtags, simply add the hashtag #FMSphotoaday when you share your photos and you’ll be able to see which of your friends are playing along too. It’s cool!
Blog: If you have a blog, you could share each day or do a wrap up of all the photos at the end of the month.
Tumblr: Add your daily photos to your Tumblr feed.
Flickr: You can get their app and share your photos there, or upload on their web version. We also have a photo a day group here.
Twitter: You can share on Twitter by uploading the photo and sharing the hashtag #FMSphotoaday.


I know it can be hard for people to remember to do photo-a-day each day, particularly for those just starting out. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so stick at it. Until then we have have these tips:
The Little Moments App is the easiest way to remember how to play. It can send little daily reminders to your phone at the time of your choice. Or you can just open the App and get all the details in one click.

The lovely Doug has created prompts for us that we can download straight into our calendar, so we won’t forget. Just click on the below to get them in your phone.

To subscribe on iPhone/iPad/Android/Mac:

To view on the web:

Otherwise, without the App try these:
Come back here each day and click the button on the right-hand side to check out the list.
Right-click on the list above and save it to your desktop. Or if you’re on your phone you could take a screenshot and save it as your wallpaper. {To screenshot click the power button and home button at the same time}.


Each day I spend some time scrolling through the photos shared on Instagram and Facebook, selecting four from each platform to put a bit of a spotlight on. The Fab Four isn’t a competition. There is no prize. It’s just a way to share some of the awesome photos being shared for Photo A Day. The Instagram Fab Four will be shared in my Instagram feed daily, and will also be showcased in my App too. As mentioned above, I’ll be handing over the Fab Four to a handful of photo-takers on Instagram. How exciting!

Over on Facebook the lovely admins of the Facebook group select the Fab Four each day. You can find it pinned to the top of the group. The admins are Leesa, Barbara, Sarah, Kim and Natalie.


The prompts really are up to your own interpretation. Don’t feel like you have to follow any rules. Do as you please. Some people like to know what I’m thinking when I create the prompt, so below is just a suggestion:

1. In my cup
Take a photo of what you’re drinking today. Share it.
2. Stripes
Find something stripey and take a photo. Handy if you have a pet zebra!
3. Button
It could be a button on your clothing, or a button you press. Snap it!
4. DIY
What’s something you do yourself? Or something someone made for you.
5. Upside down
Take a photo of something upside down. Or get upside down yourself to take a photo.
6. I need…
What’s something you need. Not want, but need. Share it.
7. Father
It’s Father’s Day in Australia, take a photo of your dad, or a dad in your life and share it. {Not in Australia, why not celebrate fathers anyway?!}
8. Broken
One of my favourite past prompts. Take a photo of something broken.
9. Orange
Find something orange in colour, or think literally and take a photo of an orange.
10. Repetition
The recurrence of an event or action. How can you show how something repeats itself?
11. How I feel today
Share how you feel today. Happy, sad, mad, hopeful?
12. Spring/Fall
Share a little about what season it is where you are.
13. Out of place
One of these things is not like the other – show something out of place
14. Healthy
Share something healthy. Might be a good reason to go for a run! Or not.
15. Remember
Share a memory, or something that creates memories for you. Or a method you use to remember things.
16. I don’t like…
What’s something you don’t really like? Share it.
17. Key
Share a photo of a key. Or perhaps you might think key means ‘something really important’. Either definition, share it.
18. Person
You could take a selfie, or share a photo of someone you see today.
19. Even
Even can mean something flat and smooth or something of equal value. How can you share that in a photo?
20. Beginning
What’s something that’s just starting. It could be your day, or creating something.
21. Fave word
What word do you really, really like? Share it.
22. Crisp
If we’re talking about the weather, it’s a fresh and cool kinda day. If we’re talking about texture it’s something that’s dry and brittle.
23. Triangle
Open your eyes today as you go about and see if you can find a triangle to share. If not, get creative and make one.
24. Loud
It’s hard to portray sound in a photo, but have a think about how you can share loud in one picture. Perhaps it’s a bright print and that’s fashionably loud?
25. Angle
Think about angles today. Will you take a photo of a sharp corner of a building? Or something else?
26. Best
Take a photo of something that’s at it’s best.
27. Celebration
So it’s not your birthday {or perhaps it is, happy birthday!} but what else are you celebrating in life today? A good night of sleep? Being alive? A clean house? Celebrate the small things.
28. Game
Take a photo of a game or play today.
29. Wish
What do you wish for? Or how do you wish? Share it.
30. Where I’m from
Show us where you’re from.

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  1. I’m excited to take part in this months list, but going to give it a twist and complete it based on food, paleo food actually. I’ll be sharing on my blog too Evolved Paleo. Looking forward to the challenge 🙂

  2. I’m sad the app isn’t for Droid users. 🙁 So I downloaded the calendar reminder and it only worked for Sept 4th (DIY). 🙁 Any suggestions?

  3. Thanks, Doug for the calendar import – I’d be lost without it. However can I ask: is it possible to remove the previous months from it, please? My calendar is filling up and up and up!!!

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