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The Scatter Love Project

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I’ve always loved snail mail, so much so that I used to subscribe myself to some pretty weird stuff {you know that you see in the TV guide?} just so I could get mail. I’ll take what I can get, junk mail even makes me happy. But as I’ve grown snail mail has become an endangered species, and I fear that one day it might even become extinct. Gasp.

A long time ago Emma and I somehow got in touch and started dreaming together. It was in 2012, I think and I can’t even remember who emailed who or how it even started {must ask Emma, and also put in an order for a new brain} and today we release what we’ve been cooking up, The Scatter Love Project.

Basically, we want to bring back Snail Mail. We want people to start putting pen to paper and writing words. Even if it’s just to say; hey I like you or that thing you did was really so nice or I love you or I miss you or I just wanted to say hello because I could.

Emma put on her creative hat and made the designs. Aren’t they pretty?

So in each little pack you’ll get 10 postcards, with one of each of the below designs:

scatter love project

Emma lives in London, so I’ve been doing all the quality control, packing and touching {because they’re soooo pretty} and I can assure you that they’re stunning. I can also assure you that they’re printed here in Australia on responsibly sourced and carbon-neutral stock. I’ll be personally packing each one up and sending it on to it’s new owner. Lacey might help. I promise to make her wash her hands and play nice.

The prices include postage so you don’t get any surprises at the checkout. You can check them out on the graphic below {Australia AU$16, Everywhere else AU$20}. There are only a limited number of packs, so be quick.

So without further ado, go forward and shop. Let me send a little happy mail your way, so you can send it on to others… and we’ll make ripples of happiness around the world.

click to buy

Go on, scatter love people. Click here to buy.

P.S. Use the hashtag #scatterlove to show us the good stuff you’re doing with them.

  • vegan fashion

    cute idea! love it.

  • Deb Richmond

    Do you post to Canada too?

    • Yes, just pick the $20 option. 🙂

      • Deb Richmond

        Great thank you 🙂 I was just trying to figure it out

        • Deb Richmond


  • Beck

    How do I buy???

  • Bec

    Gorgeous- just ordered some! They’ll be great for my pay it forward project

  • shoppegirls

    Love them. So lovely. I have just ordered my collection. Thank you lovely ladies.

  • Mandy

    Done! How many do you think you will get back, Chantelle?? Xxx

  • Taryn Elise

    So beautiful! Bought one set… tempted to buy another!

  • Sarah

    Oh I am soooo excited!!!

  • Suzi

    I love this idea! I am involved in “post crossing” for the same love of snail mail. Yea snail mail!!!

  • Meas Cox

    Love Love Love these 🙂 Just purchased two sets ~ very excited! I often send people Thank You and Just Because cards, these will bring people a lot of joy. Thank you Chantelle and Emma for starting a #scatterlove revolution. xx

  • Lauren Boase

    Fabulous!! Have purchased a set and already planning who I will send them on to! 🙂
    Thankyou xo

  • 26 Years & Counting

    What a great idea! I love snail mail and I have been wanting to find a way of gifting little things to my friends.

  • These are really pretty!! I want to bring back snail mail too but have no one to write to 🙁

  • Marns

    Such a lovely idea! I’m with you – bring back the snail mail!!!

  • DONE! I bought a pack (almost bought 3 in fact). Love this idea <3

  • Such a gorgeous idea. I love snail mail so much. If someone calls me and I’ve just sent them a letter, I don’t answer because I know I’ll tell them everything I’ve written.

  • brigitteyorke

    Amazing Idea, can’t wait to spread the love. Thank you Emma and Chantelle.

  • Lauren

    Love these! Thanks so much, I love sending little cutesies to my family interstate, but find it hard to find nice affordable ones. Can’t wait for these to arrive!

  • Jen

    I bought mine. They’re so cute!! I already have a couple people in mind to send one of these postcards to.

  • Rachelp

    Happy to say I have just bought some and cannot wait for them to arrive!
    The idea is simply nice and the world could do with more nice. Go forth and scatter 🙂

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    What a beautiful idea I love snail mail too!

  • Lauren

    I love this idea!! Friends of mine had the same feeling and decided to create a company that sends postcards anywhere in the world! Check out (:

  • Tiia

    These are so pretty! Wonderful idea, Chantelle and Emma! I just ordered a packet 🙂

  • Emily @ The Beetle Shack

    as if you weren’t awesome enough already.


  • Julie M

    Gorgeous idea Chantelle! Beautiful artwork 🙂

  • Joanna

    Very cute…I promised my friends in Poland at least one “real”letter this year…

  • awesome!!

  • Leah Ramsey

    Love it. I’ve just ordered two packs as they’re too gorgeous not to. And I love getting real mail too.

  • Teresa

    Are you sold out? I just tried to order and it won’t finish at the paypal part?

  • Teresa

    Yes! It worked this time. I’m excited. Can you tell. You have so much talent. Thanks for sharing it.

  • scissorspaperrock

    LOVE this. Just ordered mine 🙂

    Claire x

  • Gorgeous idea Telle! Just bought some x

  • Emma

    I have get snail mail all the time. The art of writing letters is not lost in my world. I have been writing letters to people since I was 8 years old (I am over 30 now). I do love these cards, I just needed to say that snail mail still exists. (I have about 30 penpals world wide).

  • Nick

    Chantelle- wonderful designs ! Have you a ‘mixed pack’ option? Say two of each x 5

  • Jamie

    I can’t wait to get this! I’m so excited and this will be perfect for my thank you card project coming up later this year!

  • Deb

    Love it just ordered mine. Not sure all of them will make it to other people, I have my eye on a couple that might be framed and hung on my walls..

  • marsymallows

    wow this is sooo nice! I just started writing letters to my friends too (inspired by #snailmailrevolution on instagram) and i just love making creative letters for them. I even make my own envelopes! Btw, your postcards are amazing and inspiring!!

  • Aunty Mogg

    The postie just delivered my Scatter Love postcards! Thank you Chantelle & Emma they are simply gorgeous – I think the first one will be to my hubby who’s working away from home at the moment!

  • Sophie

    Chantelle, I just tried to buy these but had to cancel because of the payment options 🙁
    I am not Australian so can’t do a bank transfer, and I don’t use paypal. Will there be a option to pay by card? So disappointed!

    • I’m pretty sure you can pay by credit card via Paypal without creating an account. Are you able to try that?