Behind the blog: This totally happened in January

I thought that each month this year I’d share a little bit {in photos} of what happened behind the blog. So this is what happened in January…

We went to the beach. A lot.

Poor Bronte hasn’t had as much exercise as she should have since having Luella, and we realised that we’d been feeding her twice as much as we should have {I was measuring it wrong}. I’ve always been so strict with her food because I didn’t want her to get overweight like our family dog was. Operation get-Bronte-back-in-shape has been good. She’s almost there!

Hubby went out on the stand-up paddle board. I’m determined to get on one soon. SOON.

Lacey brought me roses {well, quietly asked my Lil Sis if she would help her}. Do you think it’s a reward for cleaning up her room over and over again? {See this video I made for evidence}.

I shopped at my favourite markets. Is it sad that it’s my favourite part of the weekend? {Also, I may need to get a life}.

And I met this strange looking guy.

We took a little staycation. We had high tea at the Marriot on the Gold Coast.

And then stayed for two nights at the QT.

I might have loved not cooking dinner, not having to clean and just being a little bit freeeeeeee.

I was sent these sweet jeans from Baby Gap and some sweet shoes from Freshly Picked.

IMG_6763I got some happy mail from Finland, a beautiful book for my recipes. {Thank you Tiia!}. I vote Finland for the cutest stamps in the world.

IMG_6713More Happy Mail arrived. An invite for my sister’s wedding.

Speaking of happy mail. I’m sharing some exciting news on the topic later this morning.

I may have searched for inspiration/affirmation in the book section of Big W.

I started to wonder if I actually spell stationery wrong. I was always told it had an E for envelope. Am I right? Wrong?

These cousins grew bigger, and changed. One started eating and crawling, and the other isn’t far behind. Also, they totally upped the cute factor.

I carried a giant watermelon, strapped in the front seat of my car. Watermelon juice anyone?

My best bit? That time away with my girls, my sister and her niece. We had massages, ate good food, walked on the promenade and just relaxed {it’s hard juggling newborn/work/school holidays}.

How was your January? I’d love to hear the best thing that happened in your January, what was it?

8 thoughts on “Behind the blog: This totally happened in January”

  1. Stationery is correct spelling (pens, pencils, paper and envelopes)
    Stationary is standing still, not moving.

  2. My January was totally awesome! In fact it was so awesome, that I wrote a whole blog post about it too! Snap! It was full of my favourite people and happy times, but the best thing to happen was being able to enter the Disneyland Half Marathon. With a January this good, I can’t wait for February! I’m dying to know what you did with that watermelon and can’t wait to hear your exciting news later x

  3. Oh I’m so happy the parcel made it! I was a little worried as I had to send it in economy class. “I carried a watermelon” is my favourite line from Dirty Dancing 🙂

  4. Love this post. I did a couple like this a while ago but wondered if they were too self indulgent. Your post has shown me they’re not. Thanks! And I love the colours you keep using

  5. Fabulous looking January!
    The rule I was taught for remembering how to spell stationery – “e” which is in “pen” and “a” which is in “car” – when the car is stopped, it is stationary!

  6. It all looks gorgeous! Aren’t photos just wonderful – they add so much to a few words !
    And – STATIONERY – AAaagh! I was taught, as you say, ‘E’ for envelope and I do also recall the ‘A’ as in car as Bron says – does my head in – especially when you see it spelt incorrectly in the signage of the newsagency – I guess they’re not going anywhere either!

  7. Looks like a great month was had! I have always remembered by the stationery=pen (the e’s) and stationary=stay (the a’s).

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