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How To Rock Instagram Like A Superstar: @erinmadethis

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Warning: This will make you hungry! Check out this interview with @erinmadethis where she shares how she achieves her stunning Instagram photos, including her favourite Apps for editing. Read it now!

Morning! Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful friend of mine, a friend who I find endlessly inspirational. Meet Erin. She’s the best cake maker I know, and also one of my favourite photographers too.

Tell us a little about you.
Hello! I’m Erin. I am 27 and I live in Sydney, Australia. I like to bake and make lovely things and share them on my blog, My *real* job is a high school home economics teacher where I bake and make even more. BEST LIFE EVER.

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How did you get into photography or photo-taking? When did it all begin for you?
I spent my tweens thinking I was so cool using disposable cameras to document important things like the plants in my backyard and my 13th disco birthday party. This was until my dad bought me a film camera for our trip to the USA when I was 14. This is probably when I fell in love. I still look at those photos with much fondness.

I then moved to my first digital (that had no screen!), a bunch of point and shoot digitals until finally got a DSLR for a my 23rd birthday.

I started to begin photography even more when I got my first iPhone and when I joined Instagram. Instagram truly has a lot to answer for!

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What do you love taking photos of most?
Food, glorious food! I fell in love with food photography not long after I got my first DSLR. I started a few weird blogs until Erin Made This, where photos of food are the main feature.

Travels (near and far), flowers, plants and people are also my favourite things to photograph.

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What are your favourite Apps for editing?
For my camera shots I use Lightroom and the VSCO Film packs. For phone images I use the A6, F2 and HB filters in VSCOcam and and Nirrimi in Little Moments.

I love VSCOcam because the filters are so unique to them and it’s pretty easy to use. The same goes with Little Moments.

VSCOcam also lets you copy and paste your previous edits, so it’s easy to get consistency in your feed. Also, if you have a wonky image you can adjust the horizontal or vertical perspective!

Sometimes I’ll edit a little in Instagram if I feel like it’s not bright enough when I post, but don’t really like their filters.

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Can you share a recent favourite photo of yours – and take us through how you edited it?
I took this with my iPhone and edited it in VSCOcam. It has the A6 filter at the intensity of 8. I find images always look better when this is turned down.

I then bumped the contrast up 1 and cropped and straightened it so the food is on an intersecting line {see Chantelle’s rule of thirds post!} I sharpened up 1 and turned the saturation down 1.

Find the recipe for the grilled peaches {pictured above} here. For more beautiful goodness from Erin, follow along on her blog or check her out on Instagram.