These are really quite good things…

♥ I got a bike. It was a birthday present from Shane and the girls, but of course I picked it out. I’ve been seeing these vintage-looking bikes out the front of a bike shop that we drive past a lot. I went for matte black with a pop of pink on the rims. The only problem we encountered was, what on earth do we do with the kids when we ride? We’re currently tossing up a baby seat for Luella or a trailer… and Lacey has a bike but won’t last the distance we want to ride. Conundrums! Oh, and can somebody start inventing fashionable helmets please? Pronto?


♥ I also got this dot-to-dot book from my sister. I saw it in a local bookshop, and I just knew it would be perfect for me. I could be creative and do something a bit mindless. Except when I started I realised it’s not mindless at all, but a bit of work concentrating… but kinda therapeutic. I shared a photo on Instagram and the creator of the book found me. How cool is the internet? You can download this dot-to-dot for free, it’s a printable PDF tribute to Steve Jobs. If you’re in Australia, you can buy the book {it’s HUGE} for $20 here, and if you’re overseas you can buy it here {$14 with free delivery}. Make sure you share your creations with me. I’m doing Obama next.


♥ I shared this on Facebook last night, because I think it’s partly cute and partly hilarious {and not sure if I should be offended or happy, I’m going with happy!} but I have a cow named after me. Meet Chantelle.


♥ I sent out some little press kits for my App to a handful of people/bloggers. Lollies and small animals wearing party hats can excite anyone, right? Pretty sure it’s weird, but so am I, so it’s fitting. App comes out TOMORROW. Eek. Also, those rainbow lollies right there are the best thing in the world. Chewy outer and sherbet-y inner. Yo.


♥ This is probably a bit weird to put here, but as I said above I’m a bit on the weird side… but you know how I struggle with supply with breastfeeding? Well, I haven’t had to supplement feed {bottles/formula} for over a month. This is a big deal. I didn’t even notice until I realised the formula was out-of-date and I hadn’t needed to use it. I fist-pumped the air right there.

♥ I’m pretty much obsessed with these teas {below}. I ordered 3 sample packs because they excite me so much and I might have commitment issues. I love flicking through the different sorts and deciding that I’m in an Apple Tea kinda mood and making it happen. This is the sampler pack.


♥ I found the perfect curvy-girl jean. It doesn’t look great in this picture, but roll up the cuff, pop on some ballet flats and you’ve got the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever worn. They are big in size, so I’d say go a size down, plus they’re a little stretchy. You can see them on Melissa here. And they’re like $26 right now.

♥ I’m not sure if it’s really a good thing or not, because it means my sweet, tiny baby is growing up quicker than I care to admit… but Luella is walking. Not just taking a few steps, but walking from one place to another, and putting crawling behind her. I snapped this footage a few nights ago, and since then she’s been walking EVERYWHERE.

♥ After writing my simple is best post the other day, I decided I really needed to take my own advice and get more help. You know it’s bad when you get more than three calls a day because you haven’t replied to people’s emails. So I’ve put a call out for a blog-helper to help me catch up on stuff. I’m officially the worst person at delegating, so it’s freaking me out. When I used to manage people I’d get in trouble for not giving them work and just doing it myself. Eek. If you’re interested in being subject to my painful quirks, visit here.

♥ I found Erin’s Instagram feed and fell in love with her beautiful food photos. Why are people so clever?

Tell me a good thing in your life? Go.

26 thoughts on “These are really quite good things…”

  1. Love the dot to dot book, that’s so cool! And the bike too. And the chewy sherberty lollies!! (wonka do a similar one with grape outside and like sour chewy sherbert in the middle.. it’s awesome) If you’re after some more pretty teas (let’s face it, you can never have too much tea) pukka is great! They even have a herbal chai type, though spearmint green tea has to be my fave at the moment 🙂
    All the best with the app, can’t wait for it to come out tomorrow!!

  2. You need a trail gator! It attaches under the handlebars of the kids bike to the back of yours so the child can pedal but their front wheel is off the ground so you are basically towing them. We use that for miss 4.5 and miss 2 is in a seat. Then you can go for the longer rides. They’re totally awesome!

  3. I love the look of those animals and the sound of those sweets, where can I find them? Lots of good things going on here. It’s winter weather so cold enough for onesies and beanies (but not at the same time) and it’s almost Christmas in July. We put the tree up already… excited much!? Oh, and I’m so looking forward to making magic moments with the Little Moments App!

  4. Lovely bike! Do u have weeride baby seats in Australia? They are a fantastic design- seat goes between handlebars and saddle mounted on a really solid bar and there is a soft bit for them to fall asleep on- really recommend it- sadly my 2 yr old getting a bit big for hers now. Xx

  5. I just moved house and I’m in love. Also I love age 4 almost 5, my son is just a constant crack up, haha!

  6. love all the things – i want to buy them all! Especially the sherbets – please tell where i can get them from?

  7. We purchased our first house, a side effect of which is that I moved right near this really cool chick and her really cool family and I get to see them all the time.

    ps I need those lollies in my life.

  8. How cool is that bike. I’ve been eyeing off a vintage retro style one. At a shop near us, almost ready to go grab it! Oh and yes, PLEASE find someone who designs helmets that we can wear without looking like a complete and utter nutter? Good luck for tomorrow!

  9. OMG. WE bought nutcase helmets for our kids!! LOVE THEM!! So gorgeous, and cool ones for grown ups too :o)

  10. when my kids were small, i got a trailer to hook onto the back wheel of my bike. could not afford a car at the time, but needed to get more than the kids and me to the kindegarden in the morning. i called my bike w trailer my mercedes 🙂

    i also found the website of yakkay bike helmets where you can design your own (cover it with a hat to fit your style). do look hot in the summer, though.

    ps. love your app!

  11. That dot to dot book looks so relaxing. I’ve recently discovered pure loose leaf tea and have a tea plunger now. It’s my daily indulgence and I’ve thrown away the tea bags. I love the idea of a sample pack.

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