Printables to keep the kids busy {and happy!}


How are the school holidays treating you? We’ve kept busy in an attempt to avoid the screams of “I’M BOOOOOOORED!” This week we’re heading down the coast to a little shack with my girlfriend Rebel and her kids.

Today I wanted to share six printables that I found online that are great to keep the kids busier for more than five minutes and most of all happy. Our printer gets a bit of a workout at our house in the holidays, because we’re a bit of a craft family {which drives Hubby insane!}.

I hope you enjoy them, or moreso that the kids enjoy them so that you can steal 10 minutes to yourself. Perhaps even go to the bathroom alone. Thrilling.

 [tps_header]Fun Printables To Keep The Kids Busy![/tps_header]

[tps_title]Paper Ice Creams[/tps_title]


Aren’t these the cutest things you ever did see? It’s never too cold for ice cream. Download and print them out here.

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