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Pregnancy essentials: 7 things I couldn’t have lived without

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I love being pregnant, except when I’m pregnant. Oh that’s an exaggeration, I think being pregnant is pretty magical, you know growing a little human and all, but there’s also the aches, and the carrying of the belly, and not being able to eat sushi and that thing when you can’t get out of the bath once you’re in because you don’t want to and it’s just too hard.

Today I’m sharing 7 things I think every pregnant woman needs.

One: Comfortable footwear

I think heels and pregnancy go together like sausages and ice cream. They just don’t. When I saw pregnant actresses on the Oscars red carpet earlier this month I was a bit puzzled. It just seems like too much effort. I loved my Saltwater Sandals and my Havaiana thongs throughout my pregnancy. Grab Saltwater Sandals here.

Two: A phone {or more so access to the internet}

It didn’t matter that I’d been pregnant before, there was so much I’d forgotten or never thought of before that I had to ask Mr Google. Things like, “Is that my baby kicking or gas?” and “Will my waters break while I’m doing the groceries?” And these questions ALWAYS pop up at 3am and won’t leave your brain until you find answers. Thank you brain.

Three: An awesome pregnancy multi-vitamin

Our pregnant bodies work overtime to make sure we’re getting all the nutrients we need, plus helping baby grow too. And if you were anything like me, and just couldn’t eat anything except dry crackers for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, you need all the nutrients you can get. Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold is specially formulated for Aussie mums and mums-to-be and the lifestyle we lead, and includes folic acid, iodine, DHA and vitamin D3. And best of all, is has low-constipation iron {because your bowel movements are quite appropriate table talk when you’re pregnant and you’ll be glad for the low-constipation factor, trust me!}. You can buy it online here.

Four: Friends and family

A boss of mine once told me that women go a little bit crazy when they’re pregnant and she meant it in the kindest way. But she was right. I’m obsessive when pregnant. I don’t think straight. I can’t sleep. You need a good support network when you’re growing baby, or atleast friends and family that understand you will return to your old self at some point down the track. One day I joined a forum when I was pregnant with Lacey, and made friends due in the same month as me. We’re still mates today. You can find an online community to befriend here.

Five: A really good hand cream

Hygiene is going to be at the top of your agenda when you’re a mama, and you’re going to be washing your hands ALL THE TIME. Treat your hands to a beautiful hand cream so that they get a little bit of loving after the birth. I like this one.

Six: One good, yet comfortable pregnancy outfit

Your body is going to grow and change and one day everything in your wardrobe is going to be too tight or too uncomfortable and just not right. Give yourself permission to splurge on one {or a few} maternity outfits that you can put on with ease. Choose one that looks good with thongs or a fancier pair of sandals. I like this one by Queen Bee Maternity.

Seven: A sweet journal

Your pregnancy might seem like it goes on forever when you get to the end, but it really does whiz by. I think there’s nothings sweeter than reading back on my old journals when I was pregnant with Lacey and seeing how excited and nervous I was about becoming a mama. I think Lacey and Luella will love reading them one day too. These are by Anthropologie.

Blackmores are giving away a Mums Prize Pack, valued at $167.85, all you have to do is answer the following question in the comments section below: What couldn’t you live without during pregnancy? Why?

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Competition closes 31st March 2014
Open to Australian residents only
One entry per person

The winner of this competition is Clare. Congrats!

  • thelifeofclare

    I hit my due date yesterday, still no signs of this baby coming out. But throughout this whole 9 months the one thing I couldn’t live without has been water in all regards. I’ve swam at the beach throughout summer, taken more baths than ever before, visited more pools and drunk more of the stuff than I ever thought humanely possible.

  • Michelle Doehnert

    Would definitely be my Jeans West maternity jeans. I lived in mine. I love jeans but lived in leggings with my first two pregnancies. Found them with my third. They looked like regular jeans and were so affordable you can buy two pairs for the price of a normal pair elsewhere. I’m hoping I can still wear them post bump!

  • I completely agree with the shoe…have no idea how you can do pregnancy and heels.. love my birkenstocks!

  • Emily Furlong

    Tissues – I found myself either laughing or crying uncontrollably many times thanks to hormones.

    Panty liners – thanks to the above mentioned moments and pregnancy bladder….. I did literally pee myself on several occasions!!!!

  • Lauren Roney

    This is a fantastic list, Im currently half way through my first pregnancy and swing between loving pregnancy and hating it!!. Love this list xx

  • Lauren Roney

    P.s I cant make the link to a new freind work 🙁

  • Lauren Roney

    What cant I live without during my pregnancy, practically my husband who is a giagantic source of love and support when Im feeling my most regnant and indulgently a hot bath, good book and cup of tea so I can relax.. x

  • Vyktoria

    A really good reuseable water bottle – helped that I found one in pink ♥

  • Yoga Pants! Even now they are a godsend! I love your addition of the phone- I am always looking things up – it’s amazing how many things you forget after nine years!

  • Amanda

    Support – I was terrified but my Mum was amazing. I couldnt have done it without her!

  • Jodie Herbert

    My heat pack been getting lots of contractions and such since early on and it helps so much. My pregnancy vitamins have also been important for my iron levels

  • Caroline

    Last pregnancy the internet for sure. it was such a great thing when I had all the wonderful first pregnancy questions especially when I joined BubHub and a due month group.
    This time round – water and a good water bottle. It was all I could drink for the first few months and I feel much healthier for giving up drinking Coke (but I do miss it lol)

  • Elli Telford

    For me its been a 1 litre water bottle (re-usable, you’re welcome environment!)… And to go in hand with that, knowledge of where ALL bathrooms are anywhere I go 😉
    I’m so thirsty all the time!

  • I haven’t had a baby before, but I’m thinking I couldn’t live without my husband.. and snuggles from the furbaby! 🙂 xx

  • I think comfortable shoes was at the top of my list, particularly once my feet started to swell!

  • Sarah

    I couldn’t live without puzzles. I did any that I could get my hands on to keep my mind active and to try to keep away the dreaded baby brain. It was also a good break for the first few months after the baby was born as well.

  • Rachel K

    After miscarriages, years of trying to fall pregnant and experiencing every kind of emotional turmoil having positive people and items around me was instrumental in my positive changing baby cycle!

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    Mine would be my Pregnancy pillow while being so big and uncomfortable and going to toilet every hour I would never get any sleep if it was not for the comfort of my Pregnancy pillow.

  • I couldn’t live without my awesome friends, comfy shoes and leggings, in that order. My friends have been so thoroughly wonderful throughout our 20-month journey to have Baby #2, who was born on 7 March (yes, 11 days ago!) – he’s now known as Henry. And now, one of those wonderful friends is expecting another bundle of joy – Baby #3, sibling to Lucas (born a sleeping angel) and Ryan (who is nearly 1). I’d love to win this prize for my friend!

  • A good bra (I went from a B cup to and E cup with both babies), and a pregnancy support band. Already have bought both those things for the two new Mummas I know

  • The Plumbette

    I couldn’t live without my wedge pillow. I’m pregnant with number three and I’m exhausted by night and love to sleep on my back but of course the weight of the baby compresses a major artery and makes me feel nauseas so I wedge my wedge pillow under my right hip and I can sleep on my back without having to roll over to my side. I love all your tips too.

  • Belinda

    My husband!! He has been so supportive and wanting to know what is happening to me (emotionally and physically… him not getting any leftovers from dinner anymore), bub and our new family life just much as I do. Sharing the journey together has been wonderful, plus the cup of tea, sweet words and little presents along the way to lift my spirits. We can’t wait to meet bub, anytime now….

  • Reemski

    Not as good as some of the other answers but I lived on chocolate paddle pops! They were the perfect post dinner sweet dessert: single portion, chocolatey and ice creamy!

  • Belinda

    Currently at 24 weeks in my first pregnancy, I can’t live without fruit juice and my elaborate configuration of pillows – what Hubby calls ‘The Tower’!

  • Dellie

    I cant live without my portable air conditioner. I live on the Gold Coast and the humidity is horrific so I need this machine almost every single day!!!

  • Emily

    I just had my baby last week and during the entire pregnancy and even now as I’m shrinking back to size, I couldn’t live without leggings! Because of where my girl was sitting in the womb, pants had to go out the window almost immediately and I was oh so thankful for comfortable leggings that went with everything!

  • MurrayDD

    Things I couldn’t live without while pregnant;
    Nutri-Rich Oil- helped with stretch marks, breakouts, sore and swollen/cracked feet, and some little personal extras I won’t subject you to 😉
    Maternity underwear… Oh My… You wouldn’t think they would make much difference but they sure did!!
    Bonds materninity singlets…. Ahhhhhhh so comfortable and welcoming!

  • Aleasha

    I have to say a closed group of Mum’s on Facebook and my friends. I got
    pregnant very unexpectedly and we are thrilled that Bub will be
    arriving soon, but the journey has been often jam packed with a TON of questions and topics that in my opinion are just not talked enough about, even amongst women. So the mother’s group have been fantastic in supporting me with thoughtful and insightful answers to the many questions I had about the pregnancy and baby (even the questions that make us all kind of cringe!) and my friends have been invaluable, dealing with my mood swings, making me feel wonderful and just being there to listen to me cry uncontrollably at midnight because Skype wasn’t working! Will definitely not be missing the pregnancy hormones! Love your blog Chantelle, thank you x

  • Brooke

    I need a hundred pairs of leggings. They’re a staple. I can lounge about at home, exercise very early in the morning (before it’s light and anyone can see my hideous legs in said leggings), put a skirt and boots over the top and look fairly respectable and sleep in them. The soft, stretchy waistband feels like my best friend at the moment.