Pop It Up!

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Today I’ve got something really exciting and fun to share, and then there’s also a really cool way that you can get involved with me too. It’ll be a little challenge. We’re going to have some fun. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Swatch POP watches are popping!

Swatch asked me to snap some fun photo of their watches. I was obsessed with them as a kid, and I’m probably going to be obsessed now after this. I love a challenge, and especially a photography challenge so you know I jumped at it.


Lulu calls donuts, no-duts and she was particularly excited by this mini-shoot. “LET’S EAT NO-DUTS!” ?

And then I saw this cool photo on Instagram by @cupofcouple that I knew I wanted to recreate with bubblegum, and so then this happened.


And then Lacey wanted to try it too… {so cute! Even though I think it was just a ploy to try bubblegum, which failed!}….


To celebrate we’re going POP crazy! We want you to head over to Instagram and share POP photos. It can be whatever you like, as long as it represents the word POP. Go crazy with it.


You don’t need to own a POP watch {but if you do, great}, it can be absolutely anything. Personally I’m thinking balloons, bubblegum, popcorn, people jumping, a POP of colour… so many things!


To play along, over the next week add as many POP photos to Instagram along with the hashtag #POPitUp as you please, be sure to tag me as well @fatmumslim so I can see them too.


One lucky person will win a Swatch prize pack, which includes two POP watches, a POPdeski and a POPwalli.

So jump on over, and start POPPING! I look forward to seeing how creative you can be.

Competition opens 14th June 11:30am, and closes July 1st 11:59pm. Competition will be judged on creativity. You’re welcome to enter as many times as you please.


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