Point & Shoot: Noosa.


eing 30 is blissful, so far. It’s been all sunshine, saltwater and sandcastles.

We spent most of the day out on the water, cruising along looking at million-dollar houses, with trillion-dollar views, eating twenty dollar fish-and-chips. Just the way it should be.
How was your weekend? Did you manage to take a photo of something, somewhere? I’d love to see it. Just add it to your blog or even Facebook {and link back to here}. I am looking forward to seeing what you saw.

20 thoughts on “Point & Shoot: Noosa.”

  1. wow!! i love noosa!! great photo…

    happy birthday, as someone whos' been in her 30's for awhile… it's a great decade! enjoy… will post my P+S later 🙂

    happy happy birthday

    shan xxxx

  2. Hi Chantelle, love your blog! Me and my baby just got back from a mini holiday in Noosa!! Lucky we have great friends who live in paradise!
    Happy Birthday..

  3. How can it be so warm in Noosa, and so cold here in Adelaide… Bbrrrrr!! j-j-j-ealos!

    I'm a first time player on your meme 🙂 thanks for having me!

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