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Plus-size packing: What I wore in Japan

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Plus-size fashion: What I packed and wore on my recent trip to Japan. Pop over and have a look.

I love packing for a trip, and I get much excitement from writing lists and planning, and planning some more. When I was packing for Japan the forecast was cold… so I prepared myself with all the scarves and beautiful warm clothes. And then the day before I left the forecast changed to hot.


I’ve definitely improved my packing skills, and also my buying skills too. I’ve recently gone down a size or two, so was able to buy a few pieces to update my wardrobe and to treat myself. I know capsule wardrobes are all the thing, but I feel like I could definitely downsize my wardrobe to just a few key things now and be happy. Of course it would be mostly black, with a few different colours.

Anyways, I thought I’d share what I wore in Japan, because I find it interesting to see what people, especially plus-size, where… and pack, and particularly where they shop.

Bohemian Traders Dress
I love this dress. I didn’t know Bohemian Traders did a plus-size range until my girlfriend told me, so I went a little silly shopping. The quality is beautiful.

Harlow Dress & Harlow Tee
I will never not love these. I’ve had these for a while, and I will love them forever. The dress is perfect as a day dress with sandals or converse, and then great as a night dress. And the tees… best material ever, and shape. {In case you’re worried about the price, I’ve worn mine twice a week for almost a year and they look brand new, where my other t-shirts survive one wash and they’re practically dead}.

17 Sundays Jogger Jeans
I wrote a blog post a while back wondering if the jogger jeans would suit me, and 17 Sundays sent me a pair to try out {but in black}. I wear them all the time. I like the elastic waist, and the fit too. They might be my most complimented on piece of clothing.

Peter Alexander PJs
Two words: About time! I was so excited when Peter Alexander released a plus size range, that I bought myself some for Mother’s Day. Best self-gift ever. So soft and comfy. I want to wear them all day long. I bought the waffle top to go with them.

Target Black Jeans
These were just $39, and they feel like you’re wearing tracksuit pants {always a good things}. They’ve got stretch in them. I fold the cuff at the bottom and rejoice in their comfort.

Bohemian Traders Top
I wasn’t sure that this would look any good on me, and I’m still not completely convinced simply because it’s totally out of my comfort zone {of you know… black!} but I think it’s good to have a little colour. Plus it’s great for our almost non-existent winters up here.

Hush Puppies Shoes
I did think Hush Puppies were for old people, but these shoes are my life. I love them. So comfortable. Unfortunately they’re last season, but I still love them so had to share.

Note: I purchased all items on my own, with my own monies, except for the jogger jeans which I was gifted by 17 Sundays.

Have you added anything new to your wardrobe lately? I’d love to hear about it.