One Day: What to do on the Tweed Coast

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I love where I live. It’s home to me, and I don’t plan on leaving here anytime soon. My husband most definitely will not be moving. He is insanely in love with where we live. I get it though. I get why hundreds of thousands {millions maybe} people holiday up this way every year. It’s quiet and relaxed, yet cool and trendy enough to satisfy that side of me. I fell in love with the beaches first, and then keep falling more in love each year as I discover more {I love the schools, the people, feeling part of the community, the friends I’ve made, the seafood, the pace at which everyone moves… everything}. I just love it.

It’s taken me a little while to find my favourite places, and when I first moved here three years ago, I’d pick the brains of anyone who would let me. “Where should I shop/eat/swim/visit/go?” So today I’m sharing how I would spend a day if I had one day here. I could write about 14 of these, or more!, but this is one day filled with some of my favourite things. American Express loves supporting small businesses by encouraging others to shop small and shop local when you can, so I’ve teamed with them to show you some of my favourites too. I am a huge advocate of shopping small. I will travel great distances to support businesses I love. I think it’s important for keeping local businesses alive and thriving, but also for the community. It’s good to chat, and support each other. When I went into Oxley and Moss {see below} I stopped to chat for over 30 minutes, because I adore them. I’ve done this where ever I’ve lived though, even in busy Bondi. Shop small and make friends for life.

Here’s how I would spend a day on the Tweed Coast, shopping small:


I feel like I’m sharing one of my deepest secrets by sharing this place. I’m here a lot. I can call and say, “Hey it’s Chantelle” and they know who I am, and my kids’ names, and probably what I ate for breakfast {maybe not that much!}. I’ve discovered over the past few years that I’m an anxious person, and getting regular Osteo is just good for me for maintaining my best health, as well as fixing little issues that pop up. My kids get it once a month too, and love it. Anyways, you either love it or you don’t. I’m a big advocate. I see Kyle Quinn there, my kids see Kimberley.

Ion Osteo // Tweed Heads, NSW

NEXT STOP, breakfast.

When I win lotto, I’m marching myself straight down to the Real Estate and buying myself a house at Currumbin. It’s my favourite spot on the coast. Maybe I’ll let my family move with me. Maybe. Located right on the beach, next to Elephant Rock, is a cafe called… Elephant Rock Cafe. There’s a huge rock that you can climb that might look like an Elephant located just near it. The food here is brilliant. Like seriously, you will not dislike anything on the menu, I promise. I ate here recently and had the breakfast bruschetta {pesto on toast with mushrooms, a poached egg and haloumi}. Dinner and lunch are just as brilliant. Try the share platters, and grab one of the bench seats overlooking the beach. Awesome.

Elephant Rock Cafe // Currumbin Beach

After breakfast you should walk across the road, and up the stairs to the top of Elephant Rock. If the weather calls for it, take a dip in the ocean, and/or walk along the beach. Such a stunning part of the world.

NEXT STOP, Coolangatta.

I know you will have just eaten, but you will have also just climbed Elephant Rock and had a walk on the beach… that definitely calls for morning tea. A few beaches south of Currumbin is Coolangatta. It’s a busy part of the coast, with loads of holidaymakers basing themselves there – mostly because it’s central, there’s great food, and awesome swimming spots too. Bellakai is a very popular cafe with the locals, with beautiful food, but the scones are worth stopping everything for. So big. So fluffy. So delicious. Also, the daily muffin is about as big as your head. Enjoy it.

Bellakai // Coolangatta

Head over to Greenmount Beach for a swim after morning tea, and walk around to Rainbow Beach as well. There are loads of Instagrammable moments on the walk, and you never know if you might spot a famous surfer too.

NEXT STOP, Kingscliff.

Kingscliff’s main street is the perfect spot to meander along and shop, and work off a big breakfast {and morning tea!}. Heart of the home is for lovers of all things beachy and all things white. I love it. You can also find beautiful clothing and stunning, affordable jewellery. I recently picked up a beautiful pair of earrings and a bangle too.

Heart of the Home // Kingscliff

At the southern end of Marine Parade, just before the round-a-bout, you’ll find Oxley and Moss hidden inside a resort. I beg you to seek this place out and get lost in it. It’s my favourite store in all the land. I’m sure my Amex hides deeper in my purse for fear of getting overused. Everything here is beautiful. Everything. Tell them I sent you.

Oxley and Moss // Kingscliff

NEXT STOP, relaxation.

I know it seems indulgent to have Osteo and a massage in one day, but who’s counting? You could almost walk past this little building and not notice it, but I always do and laugh. Next door is a guy who is a doctor AND a lawyer. That’s funny/cool to me. Back to the spa though. Sambara Spa is a favourite among locals, and the perfect little hideaway to have a sneaky massage or facial or whatever you please.

Sambara Spa // Kingscliff

NEXT STOP, dinner.

In my dreams every day involves sushi at some point. I love it. I suggest heading back up the coast to O-Sushi and grabbing a table at the front. You can eat sushi and people watch, and take in life on the coast… all while listening to the ocean waves crashing across the road. Try the tuna, avocado and cucumber sushi with the crunchy bits on top. So good!

O-Sushi // Coolangatta

And that’s a wrap of one amazing day in my local area! You can find out more about them {along with other American Express small businesses in your own neighbourhood} on the Shop Small Map.

Shop Small Map

In celebration of awesome small businesses, American Express is encouraging everyone to Shop Small this month. Small business is truly the heart of our community and do so much for us – but 70% of small business owners say they feel forgotten {sad face!}. In support of small businesses, American Express Card Members will also receive $10 credit when they spend $20 or more up to ten times during the month at participating small businesses throughout the country. If you shop small this month, shout it loud and be rewarded a little more. Share on social media with #Share4ShopSmall and you could win a $500 Accorhotels voucher from American Express.

What’s your favourite local shop? If I was to come to your town, tell me where I should go/eat/shop?

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  1. Hey Chantelle! You just have to come for a cuppa where I work!
    The Shelf Deli Cafe. We have an amazing display of food, raw sweets that are good for you and more sweets that are, well, YUM!
    It’s a small business owned by passionate people, staffed with passionate people and supported by passionate people, all who love good food! You will be in heaven πŸ™‚
    The Shelf Deli Cafe, The Pines Shopping Center, Elanora.
    Just up the road!

  2. Oh I think I feel a day out coming on, I should head a little south to this area more often, so many gems. And I agree, we should try and shop small more!

      • Can you believe that for the last like five years I have gone down this coming weekend for a week or sometimes two weeks as my birthday is next week and I stay at Peppers Bale at Salt but go into town to the Day Spa a couple of times andddddd this year I’m not going to be there πŸ™ I’m going to Bali instead at the end of the month and working for the first time that I can even REMEMBER on my birthday next week. Please feel sorry for me hehehe. So not sure when I will be down that way next…. πŸ™ xxx

  3. Come to Adelaide eat at Froth & Fodder and Sean’s kitchen. Meander around Gilles st Market, get healthy eats at the farmers market, flowers from Lily west, homewares from Flourish. Next time you’re here I’ll hook you up X

  4. This is such a good post for a new local like me trying to discover the place! My first stop by complete accident was elephant rock! It was raining though so we just hung about eating. You need to extend this a little to include palm beach for me πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you for including us in this amazing Tweed Coast to do list – honored to be amongst so many TC Icons πŸ™‚ ❀️ Oxley and Moss xx

  6. I am so incredibly excited that you posted this just two weeks before I head off for 10 amazing days in Kingscliff then a few nights on Hayman Island (for a wedding and 3 nights is all we could scrimp for!). I
    Definitely hitting up your list of amazing suggestions! Thank you x

    • Oh wow! You’re going to be so relaxed after 10 days. Try the Mexican place down Marine Parade towards to boat ramp too. It’s called Baja and is beautiful! The Thai place at salt is AMAZING {next door to Finns} and be sure to eat at Kingscliff Hotel. It’s just been done up and the food is amazing {the pork belly salad is amaze-balls}. Going there for lunch today actually!

  7. We’re building in Casaurina at the moment – when I moved to Australia I couldn’t get my head around the Gold Coast so I convinced my hubby to move to Melbourne but I missed the beaches, our family and the wierd little pockets of cool around the coast. When we drive around Casaurina for the first time earlier this year I fell in love- I can’t wait for our baby girl to grow up with a sense of freedom and community that I know we’ll have down there. Even just having fish and chips in the park at night will be novel for me having grown up in South Africa. I think we should definitely become friends when we move there! I already love you!! ??

  8. We travelled through that area on our way up to Cairns from Melbourne, we have done that trip a few times and always find ourselves stopping in the area. You live in a beautiful spot!

  9. I live in the lower Blue Mountains. The place to eat is a cafe called 2773, complete with a kids’ play area, a loungy, grass area, a farm with a pig named Missy Piggens and cake. To shop, for adults there is Ebony and Ivy, a florist/gift shop, and for the kids there is a gorgeous little toy shop called Little Knick Knacks. My husband and kids are regulars there. As for the going, go explore the Blue Mountains National Park.

  10. I used to live on the Gold Coast and one of my favourite things was to get away to the Tweet Coast on the weekend. I love the Kingscliff/Pottsville/Cabarita areas. All those little cafes and shops, markets, the deserted beaches. I love the hinterland and rainforest too – and Mt Warning. So gorgeous. Revisted a few years ago with the kids and one of their favourite activities was riding from Kingscliffe as far as we could go and back again. I went with a friend once too. Just wish it was closer. Maybe one day I will get to live there!

  11. Every grown-up needs to sneak a child-free night out at Molly Bar in Canberra. So cool that it does not even have an address – just GPS coordinates and an unmarked timber door with a single light bulb over it. You go down the concrete stairs, open the heavy door, and enter the most atmosphere-filled “whiskey bar” imaginable. The best way to enjoy it is to go up to the moustached (every single one of them), apron-wearing bar tender and tell him your favourite flavours and leave it to him to present you with an awesome, well-priced cocktail to enjoy in the perfect environment – with a cheese and meats platter to accompany it in need. Perfect beginning, end or only destination for a special evening.

  12. Although I haven’t been to this local shop yet, I just know it will be amazing.

    Chantelle I know you have just been to Perth but when you are back I think this will be right up your ally, I am going to go today after I take the kids to visit Santa! I’ll let you know how I get on xxxx

    • sugar plum sweets – is to die for. My Gosh that lady does dessert well. I’m lucky it isn’t close or I would have to go to the gym twice a day. Her snickers slice – soooo good and the s’mores macarons. Now I wanna make a trip to SPS

  13. My town is a beautiful north facing seaside village surrounded by vineyards, olive trees,farms and is only 30 mins away from Geelong. Our population is 4,000 and this is made up of Retired folk, young families discovering the magic of our town, and older families who have been here for generations. FIrst I would take you past our local fresh fish supplier – family run business – the freshest fish, and my favourite to go on the BBQ flathead tails – these are enormous and delish! Next I would take you for a walk along our beautiful beach to watch the dolphins dance in the water. Next stop would be The Bakehouse for coffee and the best “beesting” pastries ever. Oh now for lunch – so many choices – we will drive to McGrubb Cafe at Oakdene Restaurant and Winery and we will sit outside under the canopying greenery and drink a nice crisp Oakdene sac blanc and taste an array of local produce ! Next stop is Jack Rabbit – a local winery sitting on top of a hill overlooking the sea. We would enjoy a small tasting plate with another glass of Pinot ! Next stop will be dinner at our wonderful Spanish restaurant which sits right at the water’s edge. A short walk to the best Donut Van in Australia – it resides at the base of the sea, right near the Charity Carnival which is here from Christmas Eve – Australia Day!!!
    I think you and I need a huge walk back to my home to sit on the balcony and have a nice cup of tea after such an action packed day!! My Town is Portarlington, Victoria

  14. I love kingscliff. My girlfriend got married there on the beach at salt and had her receptn at the bowls club. Best wedding ever! I myself live at Moreton bay right in the middle of Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast. If you came this way I would take you to brekkie at my favorite cafe ‘Whisky Business’ they re pancakes and bacon are the best. Then I would take you to Wellington point where ther is a fantastic little park under the giant fig trees where u can watch the kids play or have a swim or just lie on the grass and sleep off brekkie! For lunch I would take you for fish n chips at the Cleveland lighthouse or back to whisky where they do the most amazing thickshakes – my fav the lemon meringue pie – and yes it tastes like a lemon meringue pie only better! Then I would probably need a long walk maybe along the manly foreshore. I’ve only been here for 4 years so am yet to discover all the wonderful places on the north side of brissie

  15. We love the Gold Coast…and are hoping to move down there at some point. Fingers crossed sooner rather than later. We are on the Sunshine Coast at the moment and while yes it is lovely….I much prefer the Gold Coast. Looking forward to it! πŸ™‚ xo

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