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Oh Joy!

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Someone asked me recently, “What do you even like about Christmas?”

It hadn’t really occurred to me that people didn’t love Christmas time {although I realise now how obvious that is} or to think what I love about it. So, of course, being the reflective/deep/over thinker I am, I thought about it.

I thought about it as I wandered through the shops with Christmas carols playing. I thought about it as my kids met with Santa and had a photo. I thought about it as I wrapped my Christmas presents. And I thought about it as I visited house after house, witnessing their amazing light displays.

I like the joy. I’m a joy seeker. I try to find the good in life, in people, in experiences, in everything. The joy seems like it’s on steroids at this time of year, and I soak that stuff up.

Of course the commercialism is annoying. The impossible-to-find parking spots at the shopping centres suck, there’s no nicer way to say it. The stupid amounts of money we spend is also crazy. And wrapping a gazillion gifts could be annoying if you didn’t like wrapping. I understand that this time of year can/is/could be annoying.

But if you look around you’ll see shitty things where ever you look, and sometimes you’ve got to look a bit further and seek the joy instead.

Last night we went and looked at some Christmas lights, and found this house in the middle of nowhere. This guy had turned his whole property into a festival of lights. There were cars everywhere, all parked, because it’s a display that you have to see by foot. The trees, grass, house, fences, EVERYTHING was covered in lights. The guy had counted how many lights he’d used, and it totaled to well over 200,000. He starts in September to put the lights up. Each night over Christmas he stands out the front of his house, with a little counter and counts every person that visits. The people swarm around his property as if it was their own, doing complete circuits around his private property to check out the display.

Can you imagine?

I thought about the joy last night. Is there joy in putting up those 200,000 lights over the hot humid months up here, setting them all up? Is there joy in paying the huge electricity bill each year after the display is done? Is there joy watching your grass get trampled as thousands of people walk by without a word of thanks for all that you’ve done? Is there joy in having to take down all those 200,000 lights once the Christmas period is up, making sure they’re all neat and not tangled for next year? Is there joy in giving up your nights {EVERY night} over Christmas so that you can put on a show?

At Christmas, and in life, it’s about choosing joy. He’d see the joy in the kids {and adults} as they take in his lights and all his hard work.

That’s what I love about Christmas. The joy makers, the joy seekers, and the time for reflection and gratitude.

I hope you find joy this Christmas, and I hope you find it in bucketloads. Have a great Christmas. Be safe. Feel loved. Let yourself enjoy something delicious {or a lot}. Big love. Thank you for being here this year, for your friendship, for sharing your life with me, for reading about mine, for being awesome. Without you, this blog is just words online… so, thank you. ?

I’ll be back after Christmas. See you soon!

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I’ve got the joy. Merry Christmas Chantelle x

  • Right back at ya. Finding joy is my favourite thing to do and there is plenty to go round at Christmas. Wishing you bucket loads of joy and the happiest of holidays!

  • Reannon

    Have an utterly delightful festive season Chantelle xx

  • Thanks for being a joy maker yourself x

  • Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas Chantelle!

    God Bless,
    Jan Limark | Brotherly Creative

  • Blythe

    Hi Chantelle! I wonder, was it me who asked this question of you? No matter – I learned a lot from that FB conversation. Choose the joy, even if you can’t be the joy maker or even the true seeker. Just choose joy. Much love to you xx