March Photo A Day Challenge

Ready to take on the March photo a day challenge?

I have to be honest, after 11 years of creating lists for the photo a day challenge, there are some months where I really struggle to come up with prompts, and others, like this month, where I’ll grab books from my shelves and be completely inspired.

This list has a few curly (more challenging!) ones, and some easy ones, but I think all in all, it’s going to make for a really interesting month.

What do you think?


+ To play on Instagram, simply check out the list for the daily prompt, and then snap a photo using that as inspiration. Share the photo to your feed and include the hashtag #FMSPAD in your caption. We also have daily hashtags to find photos better {see below}. Over on our @fms.photoaday Instagram account, we love showing off photos from our community. You can look at the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the great photos from our community.

+ To play on Facebook, you can share to your personal feed, or jump over and join our private Photo A Day Facebook group and share there.

We have a beautiful bunch of moderators in our Facebook group who select the photos from each day to highlight and give a little extra love in the community. It’s a fun, friendly place to get involved.


+ To make things easier, you can download the prompts automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.
+ You can also save the list as your screensaver or save it to your camera roll.


  1. LOOK UP: Look up and take a photo. Sometimes we get so bogged down with stuff we forget to look up.
  2. ROUND: What’s round? Moon, sun, sign, apple, orange, lollypop… look for circles and shoot one.
  3. SOMETHING GREEN: Discover something green and snap a photo.
  4. A BUNCH OF SOMETHING: Celery, flowers, people, balloons… find a bunch and take a photo.
  5. RANDOM: Take a photo of anything!
  6. SOMETHING YOU DREAD: I dread emptying the dishwasher, tackling the laundry, cooking dinner. You?
  7. IN THE DARK: Take a photo in the early morning or late night. Get creative.
  8. SUPPLIES: Groceries, art supplies, fishing gear… what supplies do you use in your life?
  9. SOMETHING THAT SMELLS WONDERFUL: Dinner, flowers, perfume, newborn babies?
  10. A CAFE: You can go macro and take a photo of a coffee close-up, or outside a cafe as you pass by.
  11. CONTENTS OF YOUR JUNK DRAWER: Everyone has one, what’s in yours?
  12. REPEAT: Look for patterns of repeating things; tiles, books, birds, trees, clothing patterns…
  13. YOUR FAVOURITE MUG: As simple as it sounds!
  14. SOMETHING YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND: I don’t under algebra, science, the news (sometimes) or how to crochet.
  15. A FLEETING MOMENT: Capture a passing moment in time.
  16. A TREASURE YOU FOUND: What’s something you’ve found and treasure?
  17. A COUNTRY ROAD OR CITY STREET: Choose one, depending on where you are on this day.
  18. YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES: Take a photo of your most comfortable shoes, perhaps while you’re wearing them?
  19. A SLICE OF _____: Cake, pizza, a slice of life. You pick!
  20. A USEFUL OBJECT: A can opener, a pen, a phone, a camera… what’s useful to you?
  21. THINGS YOU COLLECT: What’s something you collect? Capture them in a photo.
  22. A LUCKY OBJECT: What’s something that you consider lucky?
  23. YOUR DESK FROM ABOVE: Get up high and take a photo of your desk from above.
  24. A PIECE FROM YOUR FAVOURITE GAME: Monopoly comes to mind, or a sports match?
  25. A MOTEL SIGN: Travel around and find a motel sign to snap a photo of.
  26. SOMETHING TIMELESS: What’s something timeless? An outfit, a recipe, an artwork, an antique…
  27. AN OLD HOME: Take a photo of an old home around your neighbourhood.
  28. A MODERN BUILDING: Capture some architecture!
  29. TWO FLAVOURS YOUR ENJOY: Strawberries and cream? Mint and chocolate.
  30. A SOUVENIR: Share a souvenir you’ve gathered in your travels.
  31. YOUR BEST FRIEND: Who’s your best friend? Human or animal, or even a selfie. We should be our own best friends.