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8 positive affirmations to help make 2022 a *really* great year

Fat Mum Slim /

Anyone else gingerly walking in 2022, hoping for the best? I’m tip-toeing in with much enthusiasm and hope, but also with a little cautiousness {because the last two years would scar anyone, right?}.

I am big believer that life is as good as we allow it to be. And sure, the past two years have derailed us a little, but still we get a little bit of time at the steering wheel to navigate to where we want to go. Part of the ‘steering’ is done with a positive attitude. Most mornings I genuinely wake up excited for what the day will bring. Because anything is possible.

And I can kinda set the tone with positive affirmations. I love me an affirmation.

If you’re new to affirmations, they’re positive statements that help steer you into the positive zone and away from negativity and self-sabotaging statements. Sometimes, this happens a lot while driving, I’ll find myself berating myself with dialogue like, “You’re not good enough. You can’t do it.”

And I have to give myself an upper cut and press stop, and then think about an affirmation to change things up. “I am enough!” works really well to stop that negativity. But it’s always good to have a little pile of affirmations in my brain and/or on my desk, so that I repeat them and refer to them when I need.

I’ve created seven affirmations for you to use. Make them your screensaver on your phone. Print them out and put them on your mirror. Repeat them so often that suddenly you start reciting them without even realising.

I hope you use them and love them!

Happy 2022! x