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How To Make Your Summer Sensational {for super cheap!}

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Brought to you by Groupon.


Have you ever been a late adopter? I love technology {hello, blogger!} but there have been many times when I’ve been late to the party. Like, Snapchat for one. And then Groupon for another. My neighbours, and my hairdresser have been harping on about Groupon for years to me now. They go to dinner in town almost every single weekend {no lie, they do!} using the deals they find and nab in the Groupon App. I resisted for some reason, for so long, until recently…

I live in a beautiful part of the world. I’m just minutes from the Gold Coast, and just an hour from Brisbane. I had a little bit of a staycation, using experiences from Groupon. Summer is long, especially with school holidays coming up, and I’m all for making it a bit more fun without breaking the bank. Who doesn’t love a bit of an adventure?

How does Groupon work? Simply download the App, set your location {or the location you’ll be in} and scroll. Give that thumb a workout! Find a deal you love, grab it, and get busy using it. Using the deal is easy, all you have to do is present the voucher on your phone when you arrive and they scan and you’re on your way.

How to make summer better with Groupon

Of all the meals you can eat out, I do love breakfast best. I’m a morning person, but I also love me a good breakfast… especially when it’s TWELVE BUCKS.


We headed to my favourite part of the coast, Currumbin, and took advantage of a Groupon deal offered by The Deck. It was right on the beach, the portions were massive and the food was delicious.

If you’re in Brisbane you could try THIS place that offers breakfast for just $7. If you’re in Sydney, you could also nab brekky for just $7 at THIS place. And Melbourne you could try THIS delicious offer for two people for just $19. Wherever you live, you can start searching for a bargain breakfast right here.

Despite staying so many nights in hotels with work, I still get a thrill every time I check into a new hotel. I love a little change, and a hotel stay. It always feels like a treat. Lacey, my mum and I headed up the coast to a hotel called Urban Brisbane which cost just $129. It’s located right in the City, but in a spot I’d never stayed before, Spring Hill. We were walking distance from everything we needed, and had great views over the City too.

If you’re in Sydney you could try THIS hotel for $149 a night. In Melbourne? THIS is just $99. Or maybe you really want to jet off to somewhere like Thailand? THIS could be just the one for you. Wherever you live, you can start searching for a hotel stay here.

Have you ever played tourist in your own town? Sometimes I’ll visit somewhere new and explore places that even the locals haven’t checked out. When we were up in Brisbane we took some time to go on the Wheel Of Brisbane. It cost just $12 each, and went for 12 minutes. We learned so much about Brisbane that we never knew before, and got to experience some pretty amazing views.


You might like to also try the Great Ocean Road Guided Tour for $49, or the Shark Island cruise with BBQ for just $39.  Wherever you live, you can start searching for a fun tourist-y experience here.


My standard dinner out is over and done with pretty quickly. We got to the same place every time {Japanese} and are home before the kids have even gone to bed. So, it’s nice to try something new and go a liiiiittle bit fancy. While we were in Brisbane, we treated ourselves to a 5 course degustation at The Euro, a chef hatted, award-winning restaurant {it was just $75 each}. The food was amazing. Lacey came along and loved it too. It’s so nice to try a series of small meals, with such yummy flavours. I highly recommend taking advantage of this deal if you’re in Brissy.

If you’re in Sydney you might like to try this TWELVE course degustation for $69. If you’re near the Hunter Valley you could try THIS wine and chocolate tasting for $15. If you’re in Melbourne you could try THIS degustation and cider for two for just $49. Wherever you are you can search for a fancy meal near you.


Back on the Gold Coast, Shane and I took a helicopter tour over the coast with Professional Helicopter Services. I’d explored other places around the country by helicopter {oh man, I hope that doesn’t sound braggy!} but never around home. We asked the helicopter pilot to fly over home, and we did! The kids were out the front {we didn’t leave them alone, promise}, then we headed out over the coast and were reminded just how beautiful this place we live in is. It’s just $99 for a tour, and awesome. I might not like small planes, but helicopters I love.


If you’re in Sydney you could try THIS helicopter tour for three or THIS Open Water Dive Course. If you’re on the Gold Coast you could try THIS Jet Boat Ride. Wherever you are you could find an adventure near you {they make for great gifts too}.


High teas are the best. Like seriously, who doesn’t love a small sandwich, and a fluffy scone and sweet treats? I headed up the coast with my little sister and her kids for a spot of high tea at The Coffee and Tea Factory for just $39 {for two}. Those sandwiches were the bomb, as was everything else. But those sandwiches. ?

If you’re in Sydney you could totally try THIS high tea. Or Brissy peeps, THIS high tea for two for $25 looks awesome. Perth friends, you could try THIS high tea at the Hyatt. Wherever you are, you can search for a yummy high tea near you.

I don’t think I’ll ever say no to a massage {except if someone creepy off the street asks me, then it’s absolutely no} but massages are good. Especially when they cost only $49 for 80 minutes. That almost seems like a crime. I arrived at Gold Coast Massage Therapy and was taken to my room, and offered the choice of a foot massage or facial as an added extra after the massage, and a tea infusion to finish. I am so glad this is so close to home and I can go back again and again. Also, if you’re in my family… you should probably look away because this is what you’re all getting for everything birthday, Christmas, anniversary for the rest of your lives. So good.

Wherever you are you can search for massages, and beauty treatments over on Groupon.

So, I don’t mean to be bossy… but you should kinda check out Groupon so you can make your own summer sensational. OK? Good. If you haven’t noticed, I’m totally converted. I love a good bargain. ?








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  • Dora Parker

    Everytime school holidays come around I freak out at the amount of $$ I need to spend to keep the kids entertained! Of Course if I left them on playstation all day it would save me a bundle but I love this idea even more. I’ve heard of Groupon but never really checked it out before. About to do that right now! Thanks for a great idea!

  • Jacqui

    I often check out Groupon especially when birthday’s are coming up or school holidays. Some great finds and bargains to be had! We recently went to Brisbane and went on the Brisbane Wheel using a Groupon voucher. The high tea sounds wonderful as does the brekky at Currumbin. Great Christmas presents!