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Make Life Good #6 : Plan A Date

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Now that the lovey-dovey-ness of Valentine’s Day is over, I wanted to talk about challenge number 6 of the Make Life Good challenge; Plan a date with a friend, partner or family member.

This one is easy to dismiss. You might think, ‘Oh I caught up with a friend for coffee the other day, I’ve ticked this one off the list already’ or perhaps you’ll be thinking more along the lines of, ‘Heck yes! I need some fun time! I’m making a date ASAP!’

I do a lot of little incidental stuff with my Hubby and family, but I think it’s really nice to set a date rather than just rely on the incidental get-togethers. It means there’s something to look forward, and anticipation is a good thing. I’ve nabbed some Adele tickets, and I’ll be going with my sister and my cousin, and I’m excited. It’s nice to build up my excitement to that date, and then enjoy it as well.

So, whether it’s a concert, a show, cocktails, coffee, a walk, a gym session or yoga class, a dinner or a movie date… book in a date. Having something to look forward to is one of the keys of happiness so get texting/calling/talking/emailing today and set up a date in the next month.

I’d love to hear about what you have planned. xx

What’s the Make Life Good Challenge? It’s a collaboration between Fat Mum Slim and Bupa to make life better, healthier and happier. Over the year we’ll tackle 52 easy challenges to make life more awesome. Read more about the challenge here, and join us on Facebook here {we’ve got an amazing, inspiring and supportive group!}.