Letter To Lacey: Twenty Three Months.


ello my cheeky little girl.

You’re just shy of two years of age. No longer a baby, and more a little person… I wonder where the time has gone.
You spend your days talking about buses, planes and cars. You scream with joy {my ears are still ringing} when a bus passes by, and can hear a plane from far away. You even know the difference in noise between a plane and a helicopter {cockter}. I said to Dadda, thank goodness we live in Sydney. There’s so much for you to see.
I think you’ve grown in the past few months. You no longer seem so small, and your pants are becoming shorter. You’re still wearing size 1 clothing though, you little thing you.
I’ve read that you should double the height of your child when they’re two and that’s how tall they’ll grow to be as an adult. You’re going to be around the same height as me, if what they say is true.
You love horses and talk constantly about feeding them carrots. You’re stubborn and feisty. If I ask you do one thing, you’ll often do exactly the opposite. You like to ignore me, or hit me over the head with anything you have near by. You’re a bit of a bully like that.
You’re favourite people are Gaga {Grandma}, and you’re super in love with Pop Pop and Nanna. You’d have them chasing you around like a princess all day, if you could {and I think they would if they could too}.
You’ll eat pretty much anything. Avocado is still your favourite food though. You’d pick that over sweets any day.
You’re so much fun to be around, and such a happy little person. You talk to anyone, and aren’t really shy at all. You like other kids so much, and are rather the social butterfly.
What I love best about you at almost two is this: your affection. We’ll be going about our day and you’ll lean over and give me a {sloppy} kiss, or say to me Love Poo {translation: I love you}.
And do you know what: I love you too. So very, very much. xx

17 thoughts on “Letter To Lacey: Twenty Three Months.”

  1. that is such a lovely letter for Lacey, she will definately treasure it when she grows up and looks back at her childhood with very special memories.

  2. Promise me that when she gets older and less reactionary, you won't spend all your time telling her how horrible she was as a two-year-old. It's all I got from my family, and despite being a law-abiding and hard-working adult it's taken me years to get over being told how bad I was all the time.

    It wasn't that I was bad – I was just a little kid!

  3. This is such a lovely letter… What a beautiful thing to give to Lacey when she grows up… My little girl is 18mths and I wish I'd thought to do something like this!

  4. This is such a lovely letter… What a beautiful thing to give to Lacey when she grows up… My little girl is 18mths and I wish I'd thought to do something like this!

  5. I had to laugh at those photos! Nothing wrong with a good ol' nose pick.

    Another very beautiful letter. Lacey is a very lucky little lady. x

  6. Another beautiful letter to Lacey and I laughed so much at these photos. Sadie has discovered her nostrils too and we both find it hilarious.
    Cute cute cute

  7. Great photo – definitely a series that needs to appear at her 21st! My little girl does the random act of love too – makes my day!

  8. oh she is too sweet! what a lovely letter… i wish i had found the time to do something like that for audrey. your a great mumma x

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