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Letter To Lacey: Twenty Nine Months.

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Oh Little Lacey, you’re not so little anymore. You’re growing in every way possible. Your legs are longer, your vocabulary is getting bigger, and even your hair is getting longer. Finally.

Those little wings above your ears, they melt me. I toss up between wanting to try my hand at a little hairdressing giving you a haircut, and wanting them to stay.

I can say that you’re coming out of the terrible twos, thankfully. Emerging is a beautiful little girl, with a bubbly personality… and a desire to be involved in everything.

“Hello people!” you’ll call to the people walking by, where ever we are.
“You beautiful mama,” you’ll tell me almost everyday.
This is what dreams are made of, being a mama to you. We lie in bed at night when Dadda is working, and we laugh. We chatter, and we laugh some more.
I love you so so so so much. And I know you love me too. You told me so. x
  • Aww, I love reading these letters so much xxx

  • bewdiful!!!!

  • So lovely:) I've been writing letters to Lewi since he was a bubba too. He's now 10 and those letters mean so much to him. Lacey will treasure this forever.

  • bless her xx

  • So sweet. I enjoy reading these, because my daughter is also strawberry ginge, blue eyes and struggling to grow hair. Though, my girl is 17 months tomorrow, I can smile through your words, of what *might* be to come for me. My hubbie is also a rotating shiftworker, so we have nights home alone, and I went from being a stay at home mum to a part time worker and mum. Love your blog, and your heart.

  • So sweet. I love those wings. Keep them as long as you can. As soon as they're gone, you've got a 'big girl' on your hands.

  • what a gorgeous post.
    you've totally inspired me to start writing letters to my little guy so he has something he can read when he gets older 🙂 they're beautiful.

    love your blog! =)

  • Beautiful heart warmthing post. Miss Lacey sounds so sweet.

  • What a gorgeous letter!!!

  • So beautiful. She sounds like an angel. Bless her

  • Awwww how beautiful!
    love your pictures too.

  • awww that is so cute, your such a great mum

  • She will treasure these letters one day. She will sleep with them under her pillow.

    Do not cut those fluffy, adorable wings!! x

  • awwww that is such a beautiful and poignant thing to put in a blog! soooo gorgeous!

  • This nearly made me cry! So sweet and I loved seeing Lacey in her Mamacita dress.

  • Aww what a great idea to write her letters. And I'm so glad to see that there are other little girls out there with not much hair like my 26month old!! People think she's still a baby because she has no hair (or worse, a BOY! ugh)

  • oh she is growing up soooo much!