Letter To Lacey: Twenty Five Months.


ello my little Lacey.

You’re more than two now. You’re getting bigger, but still my baby. Your hair is growing {slowly, but surely}, and your legs are becoming too long for some of your clothes. You’re independent, yet still very attached to your Mama and Dadda.
You’re full of conversation. I love chatting to you and listening to what you heard me say and what you’re response is. People stop and ask you, how are you? You reply: I six. No matter how many times we try and tell you that you’re two, you’ll always respond with, I six.

There are some things you say, and words to chirp, that we wonder where on earth you learnt them from. As Dadda heads off to work you’ll say, Bye bye sexy. Ok, perhaps I taught you that one.
You like cuddles, drawing, creating, making mess, cooking, eating strawberries, checking the mail, having your window open in the car, your teddy Lulu, taking photos, playing shops, talking to strangers, playing at the beach, swinging on the swings, dogs {especially Oscar at work, poor doggy}, cake and talking on the phone.
Boy oh boy, you’re the cutest little person on earth. You make my heart melt every day. You’re so smart, and so cute, and so sweet, and so caring, and so funny all rolled into one.
You’re perfect Lacey. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
I love you Miss Lacey. We love you Miss Lacey. xx

24 thoughts on “Letter To Lacey: Twenty Five Months.”

  1. “bye bye sexy”?
    this is hilarious.
    love these letters, beautiful way to document the different stages of Lacey's life. They will make a beautiful book one day…

  2. oh i love you too miss lacey and so does audrey lu!

    love these photos of her telle! different to your usual style – processed differently? rowe x

  3. I think I say this every month when you post your letter but she's a lucky girl to have you as her Mama. She's clearly got a wonderful spirit which you've captured so well in those gorgeous photos. Happy 25 Months Little Lady. xoxo

  4. i reckon from the few shots we've seen of hubby, she looks like him.

    my girls look like their dad too… i got nothing!!!!!

    tooooo cute.

  5. What a sweet, gorgeous little girl.

    Those blue eyes are magical.

    I keep looking at Rosie wondering what she will look like as a toddler.

    Truth is I have no idea. It doesn't matter, but it's amazing to watch her little face change every day.

    Happy 25 months Lacey! x

  6. thank you for making me smile 🙂
    what a gorgeous little girl, and a lucky one for having such a fabulous mama.

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