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Letter to Lacey: Thirty Seven Months

Fat Mum Slim /

Love you, you silly sausage. Even if you do love trolleys. Mama. xx

  • amy

    that is just too sweet! love it. xx

  • Isn't it great that you have recorded these moments, so you have them to look back on later. Three year olds come up with the best things!

  • cute!

  • Totally with you there, Lacey. Trolleys ARE pretty cool. xxx

  • Oh yes Lacey my boys love trolleys too. Especially the minature ones in Bunnings.

  • Trolleys? How random! I love that about toddlers 🙂

  • Amy

    I just love their randomness at this age!! Its so refreshing and guaranteed to make you laugh throughout the day!

    She is beautiful xo

  • Do you plan on making a little book out of your Letters to Lacey? That would be amazing!!

  • Lol. Too cute, love her face & that top.

  • My heart. So cute.

  • love her thinking…that has to make you smile!


    oh my she is divine!

  • Too cute! And the expression on her face says it all

  • Oh this girl is going to love shopping! I can tell. But she will be more boy crazy than love shopping. It's in her order of priorities 😉 xx

  • Hannah

    Lacey is so beautiful!. Having a 27 month old daughter myself l can so relate, they say such cute things.

    Love it when you blog about Lacey, more PLEASE!!!

  • So cute! Love her outfit too! x

  • Fabulous quote… right now AND to look back on in years to come!
    I'm loving that pic of Lacey, she looks so sweet and such a little character :o)

  • boys already? oh dear. wishing you trolleys of butterflies, Lacey.

  • I think lacey and izzy would have a wild time together… They are both a bit nutty 🙂

    Don't you just want to freeze time!? She is super cute x

  • And that, is why I love kids!