Letter To Lacey: Seven Years Old


Dear Lacey,

You are seven.

I couldn’t have imagined what this day would look like. Back when I started writing these letters you were tiny and consumed my world. You are still such a big part of my everyday, but in such a different way.

Back then, when I started writing these letters, what would I have hoped for, for you on this day? Happiness. Confidence. Friendships. Laughter. Love. To love and feel loved. Contentment. Gratitude. Joy. Health.

You have all those things, and more.

You are so much bundled into one beautiful person. I’ve often said to people that I don’t know how I grew a person like you, because you’re a lot of what I’m not. When I took a moment to really think about it, I raised you with intent, and you did the rest yourself. It’s who you were born to be.  I always hoped that you’d have the confidence that I didn’t, and I hope that it stays with you. I wanted you to love yourself, from your tiny toes to the tips of your curly hair, and you do.

I learn more from you each day than I could learn in any class.

The lessons are sometimes hard, and exhausting, and testing, but also rewarding and insightful.

You are so excited to be seven. I’m less excited, and more hesitant watching the years are flying by. I’d love to ask you to slow down a little, but I only know you’d keep running forward, your curly hair bouncing as you go. And that’s just how it should be.

Tonight you wrote me the most beautiful letter to thank me for making your birthday such a happy day. You are so very sweet. You also spent hours making videos of life at home. I’m sure one day we’ll look back on them and laugh. All those every day, crazy family moments, captured by you.

Birthdays are about cake and getting loved ones together, and celebrating. For me, they’re a time to reflect on life, and how it’s changing. I wish I could live in the present, but particularly around these times I’m always thinking about this time last year or the year before or the year before that. Life has changed, in so many ways. You’ve changed our lives.

I love you with all my heart. I always will. Thank you for the last seven years. Thanks for making me a mama.

Mama. xx

8 thoughts on “Letter To Lacey: Seven Years Old”

  1. This is beautiful Chantelle, as always.
    Your letters to Lacey are what originally inspired my blog journey. They always get me and this one is no exception. Seven just seems so grown up, so much more so than five or six. What a gorgeous, confident little lady you’ve raised. She will love reading back on these letters one day and no doubt will cherish every word. Xx

  2. Lovely writing Chantelle – it was my boy’s birthday yesterday too; he turned 16. It quite amazes me at times when I look back on his (and our) journey – every stage brings different challenges. Though I wish he loved school as much as cricket and footy, he is who he is and I love him to bits. Enjoy your journey xx

  3. Happy birthday to your precious girl – our babies are just over a week apart, Maddi was also 7. I love this age, she writes me letters when she’s happy and when she’s sorry for dishing out too much attitude. I hope you had a fabulous Easter lovely x

  4. Happy Birthday, Lacey! Chantelle, these letters are so beautiful and are a treasure for Lacey, not just today but for always. Lucky Lacey to have a mama like you!

  5. They grow so fast. My stepdaughter turned eight a month ago. It feels like if i blink for to long she will be all grown up when I open my eyes again. /ida

  6. Oh my gosh! Lacey is seven! And she has a sister!!! I’ve been out of the blogging world for so long (I think it even has a fancy name like ‘blogosphere’, or something ;-)), and happened to see you pop up in my facebook feed. Now I have a huge grin on my face 😀

    Iris (of now-defunct Fleur Delice) xox

    PS: how gorgeous are you looking, that haircut is foxy!!

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