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Letter to Luella: Five months old

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Dear Luella,

I love you. It’s a love that I can only describe while scrunching up my face and using exaggerated hand gestures, because I love you so much. And as if to reward me for my overflowing love you’ve been sleeping. I know the way to kill a good sleeping pattern is to write about it, but I want you to remember this. You sleep! You’ve done a string of nights when you’ve only woken once. I can’t even begin to describe how this makes me feel, but I love you so much.

I read a story last week about a 5 month old baby that was neglected by his parents, so badly was he neglected that he died. I saw it on Facebook, and I don’t know if it’s true. I don’t care to Google and find out more information, or pictures, as the story already haunts me. I love you so much, it’s hard to believe that someone couldn’t love a baby the same age as you.

A lot has happened since 4 months; you’re on the move. You roll, you crawl {you’ve mastered going backwards, but the going forwards is still requiring a little bit more work}. I can’t leave you in the one place anymore. Dadda built a safe little fort on the bed one day while he showered. Rookie error. By the time he finished, you’d crawled over the barrier and could be found hanging over the edge just moments from falling. We’re going to be in trouble we think.

You’re adventurous. Where Lacey always stayed by our side, we think you’re going to be the runner. You’re keen to get moving.

You’re a happy baby. You smile all the time, and giggle too. This month I’ve seen you fall so in love with your sister. She’s your favourite person. She does a little dance, and you crack up. You watch her every move.

I know I tell you this everyday, usually followed by a sweet nuzzle in your neck, but I love you so much. Do you know that you’re loved? {Lacey turned that into a song for you this month, “Luella, do you know that you are loved? Do you?”}

Please keep up the sleeping, and keep up the cute,

Mama. x

P.s. Next month, FOOD. I can’t believe you’re going to be a puree food eating machine!