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Top 5: Exercise gear for the curvy fashionista

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This is how I shopped for exercise gear in the past: Walk into the department store, unenthusiastically, head for the plus size section {which is usually a wall of uninspiring pieces} and grab what I can in my size and walk to the checkout. Usually I’d buy 3 or so of each thing because I knew I didn’t want to be back doing it again soon.

And then when on my walks I’d see people in their fun outfits and I’d bop along in my department store get-up. Yes, there was a tinge of jealously. I’d just pep myself up with, ‘one day!’.

And then one day came. Late last year I was introduced to Female For Life. It’s an online-only store filled with exercise gear for… females {funny, that!}. But it’s a little bit different. You can shop for your body type, or your size, but the sizes are numbered instead given titles like petite, voluptuous and curvy {don’t worry you can still easily figure out what size you are with their guide}. They cater for all body shapes and sizes {not just the curvy girls}. I trialled two of their pieces, and wanted to share 5 of my favourites from the store. Here they are below:

One: Yoga pants

I was told recently, when I shared on my Facebook how I loved slipping into my PJs each day {sometimes even straight after lunch! Ssshh!} that yoga pants aren’t just for yoga. That’s right. These would work perfectly and wouldn’t be so embarassing when I run into my neighbours {who have seen me in my PJs more times than I’d like to count}. Find them here.

Two: Lovely & loose top

This is one of the items that I tried and it’s a favourite. And yep, I wear it even when I’m not exercising. It’s light {perfect this tropical-type weather up north} and easy to wear when exercising. Plus it’s nice and long, which a prerequisite for anything I buy {nobody needs to see my 6-pack, ahem, anytime soon!}. Find it here.

Three: Gym tights

This is another item that I tried out, and I got them in blue. Can I just say how fun it was to add a pop of colour to my exercise gear? I know I need to get a life, but I kinda got a bit excited the first time I wore them. Just like the Lovely & Loose Top these are light and easy to wear. Find them here.

Four: Pilates top

I’ve been taking Luella to an Osteo since she was a few weeks old, and they also run a Pilates studio. They have a class just for the curvy ladies which I’ve promised myself I will most definitely do this year. That’s good enough reason to get this top, right? Find it here.

Five: 7/8 pants

Slightly shorter than full-length tights, these are on my must-buy list for winter. Find them here.


Female for Life want to give one reader an outfit of their choice {pants and sports top – not a jacket}. All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments below: What’s your favourite way to workout?


P.S. Female4Life is offering FMS readers a $15 discount for new customers. Just use the code myfirstorder at checkout. Only applicable for items not on sale and not in conjunction with another promo.


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The winner of this competition is Sam C. x

  • Elsa Hietbrink

    I’m so glad you found some workout gear that you like! People seriously underestimate the difference it can make in motivating you to exercise. Plus it’s also super comfy to wear around the house.

    My favourite way to workout (at the moment) is running – I love that I can do it anywhere and that I get to be outside with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back.

    Good luck with your exercise and definitely try to get to that pilates class x

  • Kylie

    I’m a walker….well more specifically a dog walker.
    But I like to mix it up…sometimes the neighbourhood streets, sometimes the beach, quite often in town along the breakwall.
    What a great selection of gear for us curvey ladies.
    Thanks for the giveaway….and the bonus at the checkout….we are lucky ducks!

  • Kylie_79

    Trying to lose excess weight due to a thyroid & PCOS diagnosis has been an ongoing battle, and now with my post baby weight added on, I have tried basically every type of exercise out there!
    My favourites, and usually where I see my best results would be yoga, and daily walks with my little girl.
    I agree with you though, being able to wear some cute workout gear definitely lifts the spirits and helps with motivation!

  • Alli @ ducks on the dam

    At the moment whilst our summer pool is open I am swimming every day. Once that is done and dusted it is back to pilates and a bit of walking. Miss 10 got a swisho bike for christmas so I think some riding to school will be in order

  • Penny Eager

    Amazing. I’ve actually been looking around for some new workout clothes as I joined a gym a few weeks back and my old cotton tees aren’t quite cutting it for workout clothes. Hoping once it stops being so hot in Melbourne I *might* even get back into jogging! And I’ve quickly realised that while I can shop pretty much anywhere for regular clothes, most workout clothing brands do a very small run of sizing!

  • Alex Carman

    I go to Curves and do my 30 minutes a couple times a week. Such a great social, encouraging & motivating work out!

  • Skye

    I love Body Combat. I’m slightly less coordinated than average folk so Zumba and the like don’t suit me but I love the boxing style of Combat

  • Lauren

    Currently loving Body Attack, but any les mills class really.

  • Rachel

    My favourite is the “full body dancing” my almost-three year old invented – done in our living room to the disco sounds of the Bee Gees. Second favourite is the C25K training I just started which surprised me by being really enjoyable!

  • Becky Lofdahl

    I love walking and swimming. But my favourite way is to put on some music and dance! This year I taking a brave step and am planning to venture out and try Dragon Boat racing, yoga and hiking. I cant wait! looking forward to a new me.

  • Jayne

    I love a Body Step class!! 🙂

  • Julie Collins

    Lately my daily workout has been dancing and singing to The Wiggles. My daughter loves them and the music is so damn catchy!!!

  • Amy Hall

    I love walking around with my sister, pushing our little fella’s- doesn’t feel like exercise at all 🙂

  • Bianca Tuckwell

    Running, running and … Ummm … Running. I’m a runner! I run. I ran. Running!

    • So, you like to run eh? 😛

      • Bianca Tuckwell

        Teeny weeny bit … Ha ha ha. But if you’ve ever been slightly attracted to running – please do it! And look around you; there are people all ages, shapes ‘n’ sizes “doin it!”

  • It’s team sports all the way for me. If it’s me against myself, I just don’t get competitive enough 😉

  • Yoga, Pilates and swimming. Gentle enough for me to feel like I’m not really exercising, just doing healthy movement and having fun.

  • Jill Waixel

    I love to walk with the dog , we have several routes measured out and try to walk between 4 -5 kms a day as well as chasing balls and playing with any other dog we meet!

  • My favourite way to work out is going for a run in the mornings, 5.30am, it is so quiet and gorgeous at that time of day and it is my time. My husband and kids are still in bed and I just run, who knew that I was a runner, I can now run 5k without stopping, such an achievement for me! xx

  • Christabel

    I love boxing. A great release and workout at the same time. My husband & kids should be very thankful I’ve got boxing in my life – all that inner rage gets dealt with, rather than being unleashed on them!!

  • fisher

    I love any kind of dancing, my favourites being ballet, west-coast swing, lindy hop and the I-love-this-song-and-I-don’t-care-who’s-watching boogie 😛

  • Michelle Lisle

    l love to workout doing something I love like swimming, walking, dancing or yoga. I also love to workout in clothes that look and feel great as l find they give me the motivation to do more.

  • Elita Hooper

    I love to work out by walking with other mums, dancing and Pilates and just waiting for a Barrcode studio to open up near me.looking forward to that work out

  • Sharon

    I love running when I can. But what usually happens the most is improptu dances with my little one to some music which can range from the Wiggles to Santana! Or extreme pram pushing – up inclines, lunging… 🙂

  • I love going for a brisk 30 minute walk along the waterfront. It clears my head and having a full 1/2 hour to myself 3-4 times a week is something I really appreciate!

  • Alicia Massey

    Well…. Here we go…. Roller coaster ride…. I’m about to start…. Walking. I have to lose at least 15kg and soon! So I’m going to pull on my shoes & my baggy clothes and walk walk walk walk.
    I like to cover up, but hopefully once I start I’ll be able to look at these great options! Thank you for the chance to enter!

  • Kristen Knight

    After many years thinking that I couldn’t and didn’t enjoy jogging I have recently discovered that I can and I love it!

  • Blythe

    I used to dance… But now I love the lift weights. I have to be honest, I don’t do it enough, but I love it when I do!

  • Christine

    Love my Pilates machine…and comfortable exercise/yoga gear

  • I use my treadmill & what I do is, I pick say, 10 songs on my Ipod and listen to each one right through… I cover the time screen on the treadmill and by the time all the songs finished, 30 minutes have gone by and I’ve barely noticed 🙂

  • I love to run. I’ll run anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I’m never going to break any records and am more of a plodder than a speed hog but I can still run myself happy. I’m taking my training up a gear because today I bought my ticket into the Disneyland Half Marathon! Woot woot!

  • Kate

    My favourite way is incidental as I don’t even notice I am doing it. Sold my car 10 years ago and as a result I walk much more than I did before. Now that school is starting back I am also desperate to get back into my weekly pilates and taking myself off on some nice long walks!

  • Belinda Docwra

    You’ve tuned into my brain again.
    I’ve just restarted the couch to 5k apps to add to my yoga classes.
    The main form of exercise I love is swimming but I don’t do it enough because I’m stupidly paranoid about my horse legs.
    I was just complaining about the lack of NICE plus size work out gear, don’t even get me started on sports bra shopping BLURGGGHHH.
    Am heading straight over to Female 4 Life and making a wish list

  • Amy S

    I love and miss going to kickboxing classes, which I took a break from when I got pregnant. For now I’ve been enjoying brisk walks with pram and dog in tow, but boy do I need to start working on getting some muscle tone back!

  • Kat C

    With a 6 week old it’s hard to find time to do much except feed and change nappies! But I do go for walks every day (especially to get my morning coffee – my sanity saver!) and my baby boy is nearly 6kgs already so doing gentle squats while holding him is helping to get my butt and thighs back into shape! 🙂 Looking forward to going back to Pilates and spin classes once I get the all clear from the obstetrician later this week. wooo!

  • Lisa Brown

    Dancing!!! I love zumba, or doing a dance class…or just dancing around the house with my munchkins!!

  • libbywilko

    I started walking with two of my girlfriends a couple times a week with each one and I love the support and motivation to get out of the house and get sweaty. But it would be nice to look cute in an outfit rather than my dodgy old t-shirt and shorts!

  • Catherine

    Thank you so much for posting this. I want to exercise and get healthier, but I am so self conscious and everywhere I go to buy workout clothing, I feel as if they are made for those already thin and fit…so it’s a slap to the face and I begin to wonder where I am supposed to start. But just seeing those five pictures gave me inspiration. Thanks so much!

  • Alice

    I have 2 small kids, and trying to work out has been so hard. When I mean hard, I mean like I have NO FREE TIME. I am not lazy, I am not unmotivated. I have been into fitness since I was 14 and even after my first child I was able to drop the weight, but soon came the second, and my “free time” was taken away with double the duty every day all day. I am a working mom away from my home approx. 11 hours a day and its been 5 years since I have worked out. I MISS IT. It was a huge part of my life that feels like has been ripped from my hands, and my out of shape and 25 extra pound body for the past 5 years (my youngest is 5) has definitely begun to show badly. I cannot find any workout clothes that look right and nothing every fits right. They all are made for the fit and fabulous, so I was interested to find this post. Even the “curvy” clothes are NOT made for people like me. However, I just turned 40 and my promise for my 40’s is to get back into healthy shape and just be healthy and energetic for my kids. I have painstakenly grabbed some time for myself on the elliptical machine at 5:00am and the family has started to go on nighttime walks. It has been quite fun and feels SOOOOOO good to be active again! I find it so fun and my kids do too! So, I am on week 3 and I am getting there, next is to find something more than my “mom clothes” that are 8 years old and frumpy! Maybe this site can help!