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Letter to Lacey: Six years old

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Dear Lacey,

It’s been a while between letters, and how much you’ve grown in that time. You’re six? You’re SIX.

I’m going to talk about the olden days for a moment, which is back when I used to be a nanny. Back in those days I used to specialise in babies. In other words I preferred to look after small babies and toddlers up until the age of 5 because I thought they were easier, and more fun… and well, they didn’t talk back.

So, it kinda shocked me to enjoy you at this age so much. Perhaps I’d even go as far as saying it’s my favourite age of you of all the ages. {That’s saying something, isn’t it?}

This year is your first year at big school, and you’ve taken to it like a duck to water {which means very well}. We met with your teacher last week to talk about you, and I kinda expected her to tell us something not-so-great; that you talk too much, or you have to many silly fights with your friends about rocks/seeds/loom bracelets and things that aren’t important or you don’t pay intention.

Instead she told me this, “If we could have more Lacey’s in the class, I’d be a very happy teacher.”

Lacey, that’s called winning! We are very happy/proud parents.

It’s like a switch has been turned on and you’re super keen to learn. You spend the majority of your time writing and reading, even when I’m trying to shower you’ll be asking me to read you a book through the glass screen. {Just quietly I wouldn’t mind if you DIDN’T do that}.

You’re growing up, this is true, but there are still things that are very cute about you; the way you call adults ‘humans’, and other words you just can’t pronounce correctly {hospital, spaghetti…}.

You’re an awesome big sister. You love little Luella, perhaps slightly too much. Already you butt heads each day. Luella wants to be free to explore and do as she pleases, and you… well, you just want to pick her up and carry her everywhere like she’s your little doll. She doesn’t like it, and you just don’t get it.

Lacey, you have the biggest heart. You’re really kind. You’re thoughtful, and you still have that sass about you {a determination to get what you want, when you want it}. I know that sass has frustrated us in the past, and will most definitely in the future {hello, teenage years} but I know it will do you well as you grow and hopefully stand up for yourself {something I’ve never been great at}.

I love you my big six year old,
Mama xx