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Kids, there’s a new photography App in town.

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I’m quite a loyal App user. I’ll find one and use it forever and a day, until I find something else to replace it with. I generally don’t flirt between a few – rather sticking by my one favourite {particularly when it comes to photography apps}. For over a year now it was Camera+. We did lots together; trips to the beach, traveled parts of the world and it even came to dinner with me {more than once}.

But now… there’s a new photography App in town. And I say ‘new’ like I knew exactly when it was conceived. It honestly could have been around for months or even years and I just didn’t know about it.

But once I did, it was love. LOVE.

I like simple, and this is simple to use. Easy. Yes, my aunty Nancy could use it {with a quick 5 minute lesson as she still hasn’t moved into the world of smartphones}.

Why do I love it? I love it because it’s simple. Have I said that already? I don’t have to strain my brain to use it {I know a few apps that do that and I just want to go to sleep}. But I also really love the array of filters, they’re really my style. They’re more subtle than Camera+ {which made all my photos feel a bit same-same}. You can easily turn the filter down if you think they’re too much, so you just get a hint of whatever filter you use. Afterglow really rocks.

Other added bonuses are that you can add textures, and use a whole host of frames. Circles and hearts, oh my!

Kids, there's a new photography app in town...

{Image credit: Afterglow}

The filters are in two groups – the original and guest filters {which I assume are created by guests}. Below I’ve taken my photo of a cardboard robot and ran each filter over it so you can see how each looks. At the moment I’m playing favourites with Russ, Dreamy, Hollow, Idaho, Nico and Captain. But it really depends what your photo is and what effect you’re after.
Kids, there's a new photography app in town...

Kids, there's a new photography app in town...

You can get Afterglow in the App store for $0.99. Unfortunately it looks like it’s only available for iPhone-type products.

What’s your favourite photography app right now?

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  • Hello my name is Chrystal and I am a photo appaholic. I love my photo apps and I am like some women are with shoes when it comes to my photo apps. However, I do have my favorites. My all time favorite is Retro Camera. It’s very easy to use and the downside is you cannot edit pictures from your gallery with it, you must take pictures directly through the app, but you have a choice of five different cameras and most of them can be switched between color and b&w. I also love my PicSay Pro and my Pixlr Express and Photo Studio Pro.

    I find it interesting that you posted this today as I’m working on a post for my blog about Retro Camera. 🙂

    • Melissa Wick

      This app is now named AfterLight for legal reasons 🙂

  • Sandra Peters

    Thank you Chantelle … just downloaded this new app and it looks great – can’t wait to explore it!

  • Stacey

    I used to use Camera+ too…before I discovered the likes of BeFunkyXP, Retro Camera & Instagram 😉

  • Theresa

    I’m having tons of fun with Snapseed!!

  • Kimberly @ A Night Owl

    downloading now – thanks for the tip Chantelle! xo

  • shoppegirls

    Downloading now. Thank you. x

  • sarah white

    🙁 droid user here

  • ohhh I remember reading a feature/interview with the developer about this on… beautiful mess I think. Can’t believe its released now. Purchasing already!

    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  • I’ve been using this app for weeks I love it too. I especially love the Leila filter xo

  • BAM, just uploaded 😉
    I’m currently loving these photo apps: “Over”, “Picfx” and “Snapseed”

  • Tianna Marie

    I have been using Instagram since I had my android phone. And when I got my iPhone I have been using camera + to double up on the filters and posting on Instagram. But I may have to give this app a try.

  • katie

    It was free on my droid razor

  • Can’t wait to try it!

  • Oh dear…another camera app to add to my collection LOL. It looks good. Must confess to loving Phototoaster of late as well as Camera +. Thanks for the tip Chantelle

  • Natalie Stewart

    I will check this out, I agree with what you say about filters with camera+ on the iPhone, but did you know on the iPad you can use a slider to change the intensity? Ooh, and you can add more than one filter on the iPad too with camera+! I love the circle frame and if I don’t have to use a collage app for that I will super duper happy.

    • Linda Jordan

      You can use a slider to change the intensity on iPhone also, or am I missing something? I add multiple filters on my iphone too, but it is a pain…you have to save it to your phone and then re-add it to the app to add a second filter.

  • Tiia

    I’m mostly happy with Instagram (altho I hate it when the camera jams sometimes, losing the perfect photo of the moment I just captured), I usually use Camera+ for more througouh adjusting of my photos and Photoshop Express sometimes too. Maybe I just haven’t found a way around it, but I mostly use the frustratingly slow Instagram camera because it shows the image ready in square format – is there a way to have a square image area on Camera+ or other apps when you take the photo (not to crop afterwards)? I’ll try Afterglow over the weekend, to see if it’s “feels right” for me 🙂

  • So I’m totally obsessed with Apps Gone Free. Every time a photo app goes free i get it! Now I have to look at them all and see which one i like best! I have about six to look at!

  • I’ve been obsessed with ‘picfx’ for months now but as soon as I saw this app, I clicked purchase before even getting to the bottom of the post!

    You know those moments when you get really excited? Yeah that just happened 😉

    Thanks for the recommendation! x

  • Kayla @ Sealed With a Kay

    Yes! I’ve also been loving AfterGlow

  • Cheryl McCabe

    Oooh. I love new photo apps. Will def check it out! Thanks for sharing!!

  • AHA! THAT’s the app that’s adding all the effects I’m seeing all over Instagram. I was wondering…
    I’m pretty much a straight shooter, sometimes adding an Instagram filter if the shot needs some oomph. Use Instagram, for the easy social sharing — can bombard all my accts in one post.
    Oh, really? You say I can have a phone conversation with this camera? Hahaha

  • I love Afterglow! I love how I can add a simple white board to my desired thickness. The filters are RAD!

  • I got quite addicted to Afterglow for a while there – it’s very good

  • a lonely mouse

    Snapseed is the best, and then if needed I add an Instagram filter.
    But I use Snapseed primarily, it has the ability to change intensity on filters, basic functions like crop, straighten, etc, and also tune the brightness/contrast/ambiance/saturation and more. And for the filters, although they aren’t just choose and go, I prefer being able to change them as I wish. It doesn’t have the abundance of filters like AfterGlow but being able to change the intensity makes up for it.

  • Carly

    I’ve also had a long term love affair with Camera+, but just downloaded this one so I’ll see if I need to breakup! 😉

  • rixbajns

    PicsArt, Pixlr Express, Pixlr-o-matic, Vintique, Snapseed

    • rixbajns

      Oh and Retro Camera and Pudding Camera… I use Pudding Camera most of the time – for moments I don’t have a neat camera and I have to rely only on my phone. And sometimes I’m lazy to edit my photos. When I use Pudding Camera, I can just upload it to my page instantly! 😉

  • Jt

    There are so many iPhone apps!! I’m jumping from one to the other! So far, I like Camera Awesome for its editing capabilities, but I’m trying out others too!

  • I have a pleathura of photo apps on muy pjone, but have found that I reach for Afterglow and Snapseed the most!

  • My favourite of all time is definitely Snapseed. It’s a powerful app with excellent features yet is really simple to use. My next favourite is ProHDR which is incredible for taking those photos where you have extreme light and dark in the same picture. It also has some good filters and frames. Then lastly, Swipe for writing text on the photos. I can easily spend HOURS photo processing. I’ve just started the photo-a-day challenge after being inspired by a friend who has been doing it for some time. So looking forward to the fun. Thanks so much.

  • Rachel

    Afterglow is brilliant! I was more than happy to shell out 99c for it not very long after itt came out. I love all the different frames but at heart the photo editing tools are sophisticated yet super simple to use.
    I bought Camera+ but was quite disappointed. I have Snapseed but I don’t use it: I might have to check it out again.
    But yeah Afterglow rocks!!

  • Anna

    I love After Glow! I’ve been using it every since I got an iphone.

  • Emily McGrath

    i believe it is called afterlight?