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  1. Great news! And I also want to high five your GP for making that call and putting your mind at ease. We need more caring compassionate GP’s like this. I work in vocational education and we train doctors to be GP’s. Sadly many GP’s these days are too busy pushing patients through quickly, and don’t always spend that time listening or going that extra mile. I’m glad you have found one who does. xx

  2. GPs who go above & beyond are GOLD. I had low iron last year and it is a weird type of fatigue, isn’t it? You think should be able to do stuff but there’s this hazy block of can’t-do-it. I had some head scans a few years back because while investigating my sinus issues they saw “something”. I think others freaked out more than me. It was just scar tissue from a big accident I had as a kid. I think my then-GP thought it was more serious than I did because he didn’t know how big the accident I had as a kid was!

    • You’ve nailed it. It’s like that. Weird, not a ‘I’m tired in my head’ type exhaustion but I physically can’t get myself to do those things that I need to do.

      I’m so glad your something was nothing. xxx

  3. Sending huge high-fives to you, your hubby AND your fabulous GP! Enjoy the calm breathing that comes now x

  4. Oh Chantelle!!!! Big fat welled up eyes while I sit at the hairdresser (yay) but I am just so pleased for you, and your darling family, that a positive outcome is all yours! And of course its always ok to acknowledge and share what we’re feeling! I’m going to eat some cake for you ti celebrate. You’re welcome ?

  5. .. I’m so happy for you Chantelle.. your GP is a blessing to you…. so is your Hubby…
    if the next 6 months goes as quickly as the last 6 months you’ll have the specialist’s answers sooner than you think..
    I’m glad you shared with us.. it always helps to talk about things that worry us….
    Have a great day … hugs… Barb xxxx

  6. Those gallstones!! I tells ya.. OUT STAT! Glad you have something that can, when done, turn your tears into smiles.. PS as a no-gallston person I wish you well! Surgery & recovery are ok if you do what they say & you WILL feel better! These things are “poisoning” you in some way! D xx

  7. Chantelle my love, This is great news. I wrap you now, in soothing bubbly love. I have been having some fairly major health issues myself – am through the other side now though, I have without exception the best Naturopath I have ever worked with. If you would like details, let me know. We do illegal things, (smirking) she is awesome. Mucho love.

  8. Thank you I’ve been worried,good Drs are hard to find and I’ve glad you’ve got a good one ,I love my GP too she’s a gem.I hope those gall stones come out ASAP Chantelle Xx

  9. The thing I love about your posts and website is that you are so open and genuine and you really do some good in the world – you give back – look how wonderful the Gift Exchange is (really want to do that again). Anyone would have bee terrified in your situation – I’m glad it’s good news and please keep on doing what you’re amazing at. PS I think PAD is such a cool idea – although I am a photography student I am a bit rubbish at keeping up but love looking at all the wonderful pics from around the world. ?

  10. Thank goodness! Take the gallstones! Don’t be worried about living in the moment. It is exactly where you need to be. I have done exactly the same in a very similar scenario, though I didn’t have the blog back then.

  11. I am glad your GP chased the specialist for you so you can exhale all the anxiety. Great news

  12. Don’t feel silly for expressing what you were/are going through. Your honesty and being “real” on your blog is a very endearing trait. Great news that all is well.
    Much love & light

  13. I kept looking for your post with an update on this, Chantelle!! This is such great news. You were in my prayers. Now go pamper yourself with some cucumber on your eyes and get your mascara on! Loads of love… CHARU

  14. I’m so glad to hear that it was a mistake on the specialist’s part. I think you handled it with as much grace as possible even if it feels as if you hadn’t. The honesty you always put out is one of the reasons I love checking your blog out as much as possible even if I don’t comment as much.

  15. Oh lord there is nothing scarier than the thought of leaving your babies behind. I can only imagine the fear you were feeling and the massive relief when you found out it was all going to be ok. So happy for you xxxx

  16. I am not sure how I missed this original post. Awww hon. It’s shit isn’t it, getting older and stuff that happens….. Big hugs your way sista! We are so much stronger than we originally thought. Never forget that ok! Hug that lovely husband and those spunky kids of yours my dear! They are all you need in this world 🙂 xxx

  17. What a lovely GP to follow up with the specialist and reassure you that its probably not as bad as you think. I hope it’s just gallstones, and everything is just fine. x

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