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Jamie Oliver’s Italian Salad In A Jar

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Jamie Oliver's Italian Salad In A Jar

Look, I’ll be completely honest with you; For a long while there, I thought eating anything from a jar was a bit obnoxious. Like really? Is Tupperware that bad? Do we have to put things in jars?

I mean, I’ve made the old cupcake in a jar, back in the day, but we’re really pushing the boundaries when we start putting whole MEALS into jars, aren’t we?

And then I made a salad in a jar, and I was quickly converted. I’m so hipster it hurts. If I start growing a beard, I do hope one of you will turn up on my doorstep and host an intervention {please bring cake if you do}.

Glass is good. I recently bought a drink bottle that isn’t plastic, and that’s life changing. I don’t fancy the funky flavours the plastic leaves. Maybe I’m just too hipster for my own good though. I work from home, so I’m really sure how one would travel on a train with a big one litre glass jar, but try it and get back to me.

Jamie Oliver's Italian Salad In A Jar

This salad is pretty amazing. It’s got the perfect mix of comfort {pasta}, crunch {rocket} and flavour {hello lemon, basil and tuna combo, I like ya!}. I mean, I’d happily buy it from some hipster cafe and demolish it straight from the jar… but I’m even happier to make it at home, keep it in the fridge and convert to a bowl come lunchtime.

Jamie Oliver’s Italian Salad In A Jar

So easy to make! Grab a clean 1 litre jar {an old pasta jar is perfecto!}. Place 150g of cooked pasta into jar. Cut two ripe tomatoes into half and de-seed. Place them, 1/2 a red chilli, the leaves from 1 sprig of basil, and the juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a blender and blend. Season to taste, and then spoon into the jar, on top of the pasta. For the rest of the jar, fill with two more chopped ripened tomatoes, 2 handfuls of rocket, 75g tin of drained tuna, a few more leaves of fresh basil and 15g of shaved Parmesan. Top with a wedge of lemon, to squeeze on when serving. Enjoy.

Jamie Oliver's Italian Salad In A JarThis recipe can be found in Jamie’s new cookbook, Everyday Super Food. You can read more about it here.