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How to rock Instagram like a superstar: @Teber

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Want to know how to rock Instagram like a superstar? Check out this Interview with @Teber where he shares his tips, tricks and secrets on achieving beautiful minimalist photos, including his favourite Apps for editing. Read more now!

Meet Teber. A brilliant photographer, with an eye for minimalism and amazing colour!

Tell us a little about you.

My birth name is “Téber”. I live in Caracas, Venezuela. I’m a student and work as a photographer since I was a teenager. Right now I’m working with an agency. Normally the work that I get to do is non-artistic such as nightclub events, concerts, products, clothing and interiors. On the other hand, Instagram has made it easy for me to share a different kind of content and be as creative as possible to do things that come from the heart.

Instagram Interview / @teber
How did you get into photography or photo-taking? When did it all begin for you?

My photography journey started since I was 9. I always took my mom’s camera and took pictures of everything I saw.

I started with #candyminimal on January 1st of 2015. Since then, my style has evolved and just one thing has kept me going: quality. I want to be the best that I can be with what I create and it has become a habit for me. Good isn’t enough. Everything has to be great, or else I should just stop existing in this world. My purpose is becoming clearer to me and it’s to put quality in what I do. From that, a lot of great things and people have come to my life. Those are temporary but values can stay forever.

Instagram Interview / @teber
What do you love taking photos of most?

My favorite subject would be people. Taking a great picture of a human being makes that person happy, and making people happy is something I enjoy doing on a daily basis.

Instagram Interview / @teber
What are your favourite Apps for editing?

My favorite apps for editing are Afterlight, Diptic, A Color Story and the native Photos app that comes installed on each iOS device. These fours apps make it so seamless and minimal each edit, which is something important for me and my pictures.

Instagram Interview / @teber

Can you share a recent favourite photo of yours – and take us through how you edited it?


This picture “Boomerang” was taken with an iPhone 6S from Katy, Texas. I used the native Photos app of the iPhone to crop it a little bit and turn it side ways. I was lucky to have a clear sky that day, so the process make the color pop was simple with the “A Color Story” app.

Thanks for sharing Teber! So nice to meet you. To follow Teber on Instagram, simply click here.