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In the Thermomix: 30 second whole orange cake

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In the Thermomix: 30 second whole orange cake

My Thermomix and I have been become a little more acquainted over these past few months. Hubby likes to take digs at me, because it went unused for so long. Things like, “Aren’t you glad you got that thing? You use it soooo much!”

That’s enough for me to turn that baby on every other day. I’ll show him.

This cake was really easy to make and I had everything right at home. I didn’t put an icing on top, much to the family’s dismay but a passionfruit or orange icing would be beautiful. I stumbled across the recipe here.

If you don’t have a Thermomix, don’t stress. Just pop the orange and butter in a processor and give it a good mix. You can then add the other ingredients and stir by hand, or process the whole lot.

In the Thermomix: 30 second whole orange cake


1 whole orange, cut into quarters
225g butter
3 eggs
200g sugar
300g self-raising flour


♥ Preheat your oven to 180°C. Grease and line a round spring-form cake tin. Alternatively use a loaf tin, and keep an eye on the cake as the cooking time may vary.
♥ Rinse the whole orange, and dry it. Then place it, along with the butter into the Thermomix. Mix for 7 seconds on speed 8.
♥ Add the rest of the ingredients and mix on Reverse/20 seconds/Speed 4.
♥ Pour into your prepared cake tin and bake for 50 minutes, or until golden brown and cooked through. It smells amazing when cooking. AMAZING.

What’s your favourite fruit right now? Would you say yes or no to a piece of orange cake?

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  • Life as a single mum

    I would love a piece for breakfast even! debating whether to buy one or not as only myself and my 3 year old and not sure it would get the use it should. Favourite fruit would be passionfruit.

    • Ellie

      You would get plenty of use from it. Only two of us but I freeze meals for busy days snd everything is fresh, unprocessed and healthy.

  • Mandles

    I made an orange syrup cake the other day too. Must be a popular fruit suitable for cakes at the moment. I used a Marian Keyes receipe. So morish.

  • Teresa

    My grandmother used to make a whole orange cake. It was delicious! I am putting this on my list to make next week… And still hoping for a thermomix!

  • Janine Ward

    Chantelle you are so evil! Here I am at work trying to content myself with my boring crackers with cheese and vegemite and up pops this glorious visage of your whole orange cake onto my news feed, ahhhhhhh!! Also my thermie envy has gone up a whole nother notch after seeing this.

  • Renae

    I made a gorgeous Sour Cream Cherry Cake last night! It’s right up there with the orange cake 🙂

  • Who can say no to orange cake? Not me! My favourite right now is Nigella’s Chocolate Orange Cake in the thermomix, and on the blog – fat-free, gluten-free, chocolate,
    orangey-ness. It’s soooo good! Lemon cakes are pretty lush too, Donna Hay’s Lemon (or Orange) Yoghurt Cake in the thermie is also terribly tempting! So many cakes and so little time…

    • Oh they all sound AMAZING! I’m going to take some time this week to stalk your blog.

      • And don’t forget to chek out the Thermomix Mixed Berry Yoghurt Cake – it never fails to disappoint!

  • Amelia @chai a cup of life

    Yes plzzz to orange cake! My favourite is orange and almond cake..tried it but flopped, so I can give this cake a try now 🙂
    Fav fruit at the moment: mangoes!

  • Lauren Burke

    looks yum! so now I have a thermie (thanks to Mon!) I’ve been trying to use it as much as possible. it was awesome to get the risotto cooking last night, and without having to stir it – race around and do the 8million things I needed to do before the kids went to bed… awesome ! might try this on the weekend 🙂

    • Oh so glad you love yours. I think I’ll love that part with the baby here – being able to do other stuff and not have to think about dinner.

      Yay for Mon being a Thermo Demo Lady. I can imagine the goodies she cooks up!

  • Bron

    Yum, that looks so good. I made Spiced Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes last night and the ones that weren’t eaten last night by my friends, were devoured by my work colleagues today. Fruit in cakes… delish!

  • Mmmmm, must try this. What kind of icing would you suggest, i can’t have cake without the icing. 😉

  • pampa

    For me the cake was a little bit too dry, I squeezed half orange and poured the Orange juice on top of the cake. It gave a stronger taste of fresh orange, it’s great!

  • nerida

    I completely forgot to add the eggs. Apart from being a bit cracked on top the cake is still delicious. I bought some oranges that are not very nice and wasn’t sure what to do with them. This recipe has given them a purpose. One dodgy orange down, 6 to go. That’s a lot of cake.

  • Lydia

    Wow. I had 5 minutes (literally) before I had to race out to the airport to pick up my mum & sister. I used a Blood Orange to make this, and by the time I got home…BANG! Cake was ready. For such a simple method…it’s so delicious and moist!! This recipe is a keeper now- Thank you!!! Lydia x

  • sabahahadi

    Sounds delicious! I want to try it, I’m sure it will taste great. One simple question What of the orange has seeds, do they become a part of the cake or need to be taken out?

  • Katie Carstens

    This looks so easy and delicious. Could I use mandarins in lieu of an orange. We have an overflowing mandarin tree!

    • Definitely! Let me know how it goes. 🙂

      • Katie Carstens

        It was delicious.. My family raved about it. Used three mandarins, but only the skin of two. Then made a quick mandarin drizzle to pour over before serving.