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For years the answer was always no, never truly understanding the impact of that one word.

It was always, “No thanks. Not today. I haven’t done my hair. I don’t look great. No way” or “Oh no, I don’t do photos.”

Years went by and I wasn’t captured. I mastered the art of moving away as quickly as possible as soon a camera emerged. You might not have seen anyone move faster, except perhaps Usain Bolt. I was fast. I was swift. I was motivated.

I was known for not wanting to be in the photo. I’d watch on as family snaps would happen without me. I was on the sideline with a huge sense of relief, because I’d managed to avoid the photo. Someone pass me a gold medal.

It was only years ago, when Lacey started preschool that I realised the consequence of all those years of saying no. The teacher asked that we bring in a family photo for them to display when Lacey began preschool.

We didn’t have one.

Not even one. Looking back through all our photos, I realised I managed to avoid so many important moments that should have been captured. I should have had a ‘I just gave birth to you’ happy shot, as well as the first birthday, the second and the third. And even life milestones like, ‘We just bought our first house!’ photo, and even special days like my own daughter’s Christening. 

It’s like these things didn’t even happen. There are no family photos to prove it.

Gradually, I started getting back in the photo. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t jump right in, in the front row and ask to be the centre of attention. I slunk to the back row and popped my head up and eased my way in. I took selfies of us as a family on my phone, no matter how ordinary they looked or how un-frame-worthy they ended up.

I was back in the photo.

Taking myself out of the photo for all of those years because I was too fat, too un-pretty, too unready felt like a flippant in the moment decision, but the impact was and is huge. I realised that when my kids are old enough to want to look back on the big moments in their mother’s life, and even their own… it would appear as if I didn’t exist at all. I was simply not there. My parenting style is completely different, I am with them always, I am there for all the big and small moments. I am there. Just not in the photos.

Until now.

I am urging you, or gently encouraging you to get back in the photo. Not just once, but regularly. Life is short. Today is the youngest we’ll ever be again. Forget wrinkles {there’s more coming, I’m sure} and double chins. Our kids deserve to see us at every age and stage in our lives. WE deserve to be able to look back on our lives and remember, fondly, all the moments that we experienced. Photos help that. GET IN THE PHOTO.

Olympus is jumping on board and helping us get back in the photo too. I’ve been working closely with Olympus for the past two years and I’m excited to say that I’m going to be working with them again over the coming months. We’ve got some cool stuff planned that I can’t wait to share with you all. I think you’re going to like it!

But for now, back to getting back in the photo. Olympus just released the most beautiful new camera {it’s the prettiest camera yet} the Olympus Pen E-PL8. It’ super stylish, comes in three colours, it’s lightweight {it mirrorless so you can carry it in your handbag and not know it’s there}, super easy to use {shoot on auto or get more advanced – up to you!}, and best of all it has a flip down screen to make taking selfies EASY.


I took my Olympus Pen E-PL8 camera on our recent trip to Hawaii with me, and I got in the photo.

epl86 epl85 epl84

I was busy snapping away with the girls that I didn’t even see Hubby thinking the moment was cute and capturing it on HIS camera. Talk about overkill, but we’re totally snap happy now.



Let’s vow to get back in the photos. Let’s give our kids proof that we lived, and truly lived with them. That we were there for all the moments, but let’s also do it for us. Olympus is encouraging us to get back in the photo too, and will be rewarding one lucky person with this beautiful new Olympus Pen E-PL8 camera, with an EZ 14-42mm lens. All you have to do is GET IN THE PHOTO. Share a photo with YOU in it, and tag it with #GETINTHEPHOTO {pop over to Instagram and share, or share here in the comments}. We’ll be looking for the best photo as judged by myself and the Olympus team. So be creative, be beautiful, be thoughtful, but most of all BE in the photo.


Competition starts today and closes December 10th at 11:59pm.

What’s your relationship with photos? Are you in or out?

I’m an ambassador for Olympus. You can read about our relationship here. Competition closes 1st December at midnight. Open worldwide. One entry per person, per day.