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An ice cream party & a giveaway



It feels like forever ago now, but back in April Lacey turned the ripe old age of 6. Six is fun, filled with lots of learning and growing. Being her first year at big school she’s loving learning, and everything is an opportunity to read or write or explore {i.e. reading EVERYTHING out loud, all day long}. But enough about school, let’s talk parties. An ice cream party {the very best kind}.

Lacey had a big party last year, and I’ve always said that we wouldn’t have one every year… but being the sucker I am, plus I thought it was a good opportunity to get to know the new parents from the school… we broke my rule. But we had fun breaking it.party7

I know, I know, it looks over the top. It probably is a little bit. We don’t do lots of presents for birthdays {or Christmas for that matter} it’s more about celebrating and having fun. And again, it’s going to be a while before she has another party. Disclaimer over.

My friend Marika, who designed my blog and is designing my App, hooked me up with some goodies from her store My Messy Room. These ice cream garlands hung on the wall, and we had big honeycomb ice creams from the front door. This Hip Hip Hooray banner is from there as well {you can customise it to say whatever you like}.



I’m afraid my cake shouldn’t be seen too close up, but it tasted good. It’s Donna Hay’s patty cake {recipe here} decorated with a yellow butter icing and smarties, inside the cake was aqua {because, why not?}. It was decorated with this personalised banner from Down That Little Lane.


I visited our local bargain shop for a few little details – the flag toothpicks for the fruit, cupcake cases, mini pegs and prizes for the pass-the-parcel.

Everyone ate sushi, chocolate crackles, fruit, sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, cake balls, and pop corn. And ice cream…

party3This ice cream light is from Lark.


Lacey doesn’t really like cake, or crackles or cake balls… but she does like ice cream… so ice cream they had. I found little plastic dishes for toppings from the bargain shop and filled them with chopped chocolate, sprinkles, maltesers, gummi bears, snakes and other types of lollies and flavours. I also filled two sauce bottles with chocolate and strawberry topping.

I filled little cups with vanilla ice cream. A good tip I found online was to fill the cups with one scoop before the party, keeping them in the freezer. It meant I didn’t have to spend any time scooping and the kids could jump right in.



The party bags were filled with a few lollies {not too many as they’d just eaten ice cream and lollies – sugar rush much?}, a bouncy ball, some ice cream erasers I found on eBay, scented ice cream stickers and a little popping thing {remember those from when we were kids – you turn them inside out and they pop?}. The bags, and ‘yum’ stickers were from My Messy Room.



You can see more goodies for ice cream parties here. Thanks to Marika and Stav from My Messy Room for sending over the party goodies {garlands, party bags, ice cream cups, spoons, tags} for me to use. They’ve also kindly created a fun party pack to be won on Instagram. Share the image below to your feed to be in the running.


  • Ella Spurling

    My goodness Chantelle, this party looked phenomenal. So much fun! I love your attention to detail + creativeness in everything you do! I bet Lacey loved it! x

  • Sounds like everyone had a great time! 🙂

  • …by the way, I love your site! The look and feel is so cheerful and calming at the same time. Have a great weekend, Chantelle! 🙂

  • Gorgeous- love the theme and how it was celebrated! Your cake was so pretty too. I can’t wait untilmy little ones are old enough to have an ‘ice cream party’…..Happy Birthday Lacey!!!! Also- on another note- i love your blog and read regularly. I dont always comment and should I know, but your posts always make my simple life as a mum feel special and incredibly lucky to have what I have. Thanks so much xxxx

  • We love a good party around here and even as an adult I LOVE the idea of a party every year. Why not!? Life’s too short not to celebrate ALL the things.

    Loooove this theme. Thinking after I host my movie madness party next year, the year after will NEED to be an icecream theme. I HAVE to have one of those lights though.

  • Rachel

    I somehow managed to throw a party each year for my son too, despite saying I wasn’t going to. He’s turning six later this year and he’s been told he isn’t having a party this year….but now I’m getting the guilts after going to some awesome class parties lately. Oh well, he’s just asking “for my seventh birthday can I…?” A lesson in patience? Lacey’s party looks fantastic. Love that it was so suited to her tastes.

  • I looove styling and planning kids parties! And each year I say she’s not having one the next year too…
    I love the ice-cream sundae station. Might have to steal that idea for the next one!

  • Dawn Regan

    What a fun party for her and her friends. I love all of the sweet little details. You’re such a great mommy. 🙂

  • Frog Goose & Bear

    What an awesome party! I love every bit!

  • Tonima Akter

    How interesting!! That’s full of joy, fun and happiness. Thanks for the great post. I love all these things.