How To Give Your Photos That Whimsical Look.


have been asked a fair bit of late on how I get my photographs to have that dreamy, whimsical look. I do post some here that are straight out of camera, and others I do a little bit of work to them in Photoshop.

Here are some tips from a professional, Mocking Bird. And now here is my cheats version {from someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing}.

I’m no whizz. I can’t make a double chin disappear, or even a pimple for that matter. What I do to the photos is called running an action over them.

Today I thought I would share my favourite actions with you all. The ones that I use the most are from Peta Mazey photography. They’re really easy to use, and affordable too. I love them because they give photos that little extra something special.

This is what effect some of my favourites action have on a photo of Lacey. You might notice that I’m quite a fan of the pastel wash. Does it look familiar?

So, all you need is a version of photoshop {I use CS3} and some actions. They’re really easy to download and fun to play around with. You can try an action, delete it, combine a few actions… and eventually find your favourites.
I hope I’ve explained this well enough. If not, please just send me an email and I’ll try and help. xx

13 thoughts on “How To Give Your Photos That Whimsical Look.”

  1. Thanks for the tips!! 🙂

    To get rid of pimples and small imperfections, depending on the version you have, there should be a little icon that looks like a bandaid, it's called 'heal' i think…. just place that over what you want to disappear, and it will blend the surrounding texture or colour over it, and whala!! it disappears!! One of my favourite tools!! hahaha

    In regards to the double chin, I would just suggest to use what is known as the 'myspace pose' …. Holding the camera above your head and looking up, does wonders!! So many little teeny boppers do it!! hahahah

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