How to create candy-coloured photos

How to create candy-coloured photos

I love candy coloured photos. They’re fun and surreal and a little bit arty. Earlier this year I discovered a talented guy named Matt Crump is turning the world candy-coloured through his photos. Here’s a few from his feed that he’s taken lately.

How to create candy-coloured photos

Talented, right?

Not long after I discovered Matt, I wrote a post sharing how you can make your own photos candy-coloured {i.e. bright and a little bit non-realistic}. You can read that post here.

Lots of people have been sharing their own candy photos using that guide. Here’s a few:

How to create candy-coloured photos

Since writing that post, I’ve found an even simpler way to make candy-coloured photos. It’s pretty much one step and I like the colours even more. It’s just easy! And not to mention fun. I bought the Rhonna Designs Magic App and discovered it has a candy option.

How to create candy-coloured photos

1. Upload your photo
2. Crop it
3. Click Add Layer > Click Candy and choose which filter you like best
4. When you’re done, click the X
5. Click Options > Share > Original > Save Image

You’re done! You can then edit it in the Little Moments App to make it lighter, bright or put a filter over it. It’s fun to play around.

How to create candy-coloured photos

How to create candy-coloured photos

If you try it, share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #FMScandy so I can see them. Looking forward to seeing your pics! x

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  1. Sooo proud to see one of my photo on your blog!!!
    Thank you Chantelle!!!

    Unfortunatelly, the magic app is not available on google play, for now. (But the “classic” app is!)

  2. Thanks so much for introducing me to this app! I use the other Rhonna app but hadn’t discovered this one and what a beautiful way to add a few extra pops of colour. xx

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