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How to create candy-coloured photos

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This is such a fun technique! You might have admired the candy-coloured photos spotted all over Instagram, but didn't quite know how to achieve it. This step-by-step tutorial will have you creating candy photos in no time!

How to create candy-coloured photosPhoto credit: Matt Crump

In the week before Christmas and New Year I fell in love, and it wasn’t with my husband. Well, I love him and always will but I also fell in love with another guy. Well his creativity and photo skills, to be truthful.

The guy; Matt Crump.

I don’t even know how I stumbled across his Instagram feed but it’s INSANE. You know how every now and then you discover who has so much talent that it pretty much blows your mind? Yeah, that happened.

Check out a few photos from his Instagram feed.

How to create candy-coloured photos

Matt uses two techniques really well; minimalism and great editing.

Minimalism is quite easy to do. It just means clearing out any clutter from your shots, and leaving lots of negative space. You can read a lesson I wrote on negative space here. A great way to get more space around your photos, like Matt has above, is to shot from below and crop out any distractions when you’re editing. Let’s take the top left {the palm tree shot} for example. There’s probably people all at the bottom of the shot, maybe cars driving by, it could be anything… but if you tilt your phone up a little and get rid of the ‘busy stuff’ below you end up with a minimalist photo. It’s also best if your sky is clear {no clouds}, but you can work with whatever you have, of course.

Now let’s talk about the editing side of things…


How to create candy-coloured photos

There’s not one way to create candy-coloured photos. I read Matt’s guide to taking candy minimal photos and have been tinkering around with his advice.

The Apps I use are Diptic, Pic-Tap-Go, Afterlight and Little Moments. But others happily use BeFunky and VSCOcam. Honestly, you can just grab the Diptic App, and then edit it with whatever App you like best for editing your photos.


Open up the Diptic App and upload your photo. You’ll see Diptic is essentially a collage app, so you’ll want to pic the ‘collage’ that has just one square photo. Click inside the frame to add your photo. Click BORDERS to remove your border {if you want to}.

How to create candy-coloured photos

Play around with the slides and change the colours. The colours will seem very bright at this stage, and that’s OK because when you’re editing your photo in which App you choose, you can alter them to suit the effect that you want.


How to create candy-coloured photos Edit your photo by adding a filter, or two. I’ve been playing around in PicTapGo, because that’s what Matt recommends, but you can do whatever you like. Find what style best suits you. Some photos I edited further in Little Moments to get the effect I wanted. In PicTapGo I like the ‘flirt’ filter.

Here’s some photos I’ve created so far. SO MUCH FUN. I’m patiently {or not so patiently} waiting for clouds to clear and get a cloudless sky to head out and take photos.

How to create candy-coloured photos How to create candy-coloured photos How to create candy-coloured photos How to create candy-coloured photos How to create candy-coloured photos

Lastly, you’ll notice when using the Diptic that you have to have your photo cropped to a square. I’m not a huge fan of squares for my photos at the moment. So my workaround was uploading my photo to Afterlight, adding the white border strips to make it into a square, and then editing, and then uploading to Little Moments, cropping back to it’s original format and then publishing again with the white strips. That won’t make any sense to a lot of people, but I thought I’d put it out there.

Have fun taking candy-coloured pics. Matt has a tag #candyminimalism that you can add to your pics. Feel free to add #FMScandy so I can see what you create too.

If you really like Matt Crump’s photos, you can buy them here. I think I’m going to do just that. It’s LOVE.