How I Got My Mojo Back

Brought to you by Danone Activia.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve emerged from winter and are raring to jump right into spring and summer. Winter was good. There were Netflix binges, lots of cosying up on the couch, a little bit {or a lot, let’s not kid ourselves} of comfort food and just a general feeling of taking it a little more easy, and taking the pressure off.

But as soon as that weather starts warming up, I get so excited. I want to wear ALL the floral dresses and transform from a lazy caterpillar into a social butterfly. I love these warmer months {but promise to forgive me when I start complaining that they’re too warm soon, ok? ????}. It’s around this time of year that I want to get my mojo back, and today I wanted to share how I do that. And by mojo, I kinda mean mojo and balance. It’s about feeling good again, after feeling sluggish and a bit blah. You know what I mean?

I shared over on Instagram that I was taking the Danone Activia Challenge, which was simply to start my day with Danone Activia each day. It’s part of that getting my balance back. I’m a big believer in gut health {it’s like your body’s second brain} and while I’m definitely focused on that with my girls, I do often forget about myself. You’ve heard of probiotics, and perhaps you get the kids to take those when they’re feeling unwell, but they’re something good to have every day. My doctor is BIG on them, and told me recently that if you have a round of antibiotics in can take years for your gut to get that good bacteria back… but you can speed up the process by adding probiotics into your diet.

So, I took the Activia challenge to kick that off, because it’s a specially formulated probiotic yoghurt that’s scientifically proven to help improve digestive comfort {and it now has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners}. Without getting too scientific on you, it contains an exclusive probiotic strain {Bifidus ActiRegularis} which travels through the tummy and reaches the intestines alive where it gets busy helping aid digestion and making our tummies happy. A happy gut = a happy life.

So along with the Activia challenge, I also did a few other things to get my mojo back. Here’s what I did over the past two weeks.

I don’t love the word diet, but when I’m talking about it here, I’m not talking about starving, I’m talking about cleaning it up a little. As soon as the weather warms up, I move from craving carbs and heavy things to wanting greens, seafood and all the fruits. Along with starting the day with the Danone Activia yoghurt {my standard breakfast was already yoghurt, almonds and berries, so this was just a matter of switching to Activia}.

In the past I’ve gone crazy and committed myself {just in my head and in my diary} to going to the gym EVERY SINGLE day, and then disappointing myself by not doing it, but this time I’ve just picked a few days when I know I can make it work and headed to the beach for a walk. It’s one of my favourite things, and always makes me so happy.

I’m generally pretty good with looking after my skin, but when spring hits, I usually do a session or two to get it feeling better and more glowy. I love a good micro-dermabrasion, or at home I’ll use a daily exfoliant, and then finish with a mask to make my skin glowy {this is my fave}.

Jeans to the back, dresses to the front! I love hanging out in my wardrobe. It used to be a sea of black, but now it’s more colours, patterns and especially florals. I spend an hour just looking through, and bagging up anything that isn’t ‘me’ anymore and donating it to charity, and then rediscovering everything I’m excited to wear again in the warmer weather, and now that I’m feeling less bloated and more ‘me’ {thanks to Activia for helping me feel happier inside and out}.

I’m a lover of lists, so this is so my thing. I get a plain piece of A4 paper, and I just write down everything that’s on my mind. The things I need to do, the dreams I have {sometimes it takes more than one piece of paper} and then I can put them into my diary to get done, or on my vision board to keep dreaming about.


And that’s it. Super simple, but as I write this, I feel good. Inside and out. It’s been a selfish four weeks, but in all the right ways, by moving myself to the top of my to-do list. I think I’ll keep Activia as part of my morning, because it’s yummy and is working for my tummy too.

Did you take the Activia four week challenge too? How are you feeling?

*By consuming Activia 2 pots a day during 4 weeks and maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle