11 thoughts on “The Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat: From Mind Full to Mindful”

  1. Oh my goodness Chantelle, I have a new life goal – to stay at Gwinganna and experience it like you have! This sounds like heaven and exactly what all Mums need. I’ve always wondered exactly what went on at these retreats so thank you for sharing. I’m going to make it my goal for 2018 x

  2. This sounds like a lovely experience and something I need in my life ASAP (yesterday if I am being honest with myself). Thank you for sharing this as it is a great reminder that I promised myself that I would put self and mental health care at the top of my list this year. I’m glad you were able to unwind and have this experience. xo

  3. Oh it sounds amazing, expect for the rock climbing bit!!!!
    I’ve been dreaming of a couple of days alone in a hotel room.
    Just me, a big bed, a bath and a couple of books – but then the guilt creeps in because right now we ALL need a break!!

  4. Ok…this is on my ‘need to do’ list. It sounds incredible.

    I had a friend who stayed there, she booked for a week but freaked out about switching off and did a runner. She hopped on a plane and headed south to me in Adelaide. She ended up getting sick and stayed two weeks…She really needed a Gwinganna intervention.

    My cousin grows produce on his property for the retreat too.

  5. I love hearing about other people’s experiences at Gwinganna! I did a 5 night stay a number of years ago, after a bad break up, and I absolutely adored my stay. I’m really keen to head back for another stay, as I think I would get so much more out of it second time round!

  6. This sounds absolutely beautiful!!!! And a place I need to be at!!! This place would help me sooooo much with my depression & anxiety. Being a single mum of two little ones , working FT is really taking it out of me. 🙁

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