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A fun photography project to try this weekend

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I’ve embraced a love of photography since I was old enough to hold a camera. I’m not fancy though. I’m just an everyday photographer giving it a red-hot-go, and I love to encourage others to do the same. It’s a great way to get creative that doesn’t have to cost a lot, and isn’t messy (unlike experimenting with paints and paper and craft glue, oh my!). Today I’m sharing a fun photography project to try this weekend.

Make your photos a little bit dreamy


In a world full of Apps and programs to edit photos beyond perfection, it’s nice to find an old school trick that can add a little bit of fun to your photos. All you need is a DSLR camera (I’m using the Olympus OM-D E-M10 – it’s mirrorless), some cling wrap, an elastic band and a pair of scissors. Oh, and something to take photos.

Before I tell you how to get all dreamy, here’s what a straight out of camera (taken on automatic settings) photo looks like:


And now to add a bit of dreamy. Tear off a strip off cling wrap, about 10cm wide. Cut it in half. Then fold it in half. You should have a square of cling wrap, two pieces thick. Do that again with the other piece. Join them together by simply place one on top of another. So now you have a pile of cling wrap 4 pieces thick. Gently place this over the lens of you camera and hold it in place with a loose elastic band, as you can see below:


Now, take a photo of your subject with the cling wrap over the lens. It will give your photo a bit of blur and dreaminess.


You can experiment by trying a little less cling wrap or a little more. This picture below is using just two layers of cling wrap:


I hope you’re having a great weekend x


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  • What a cool and innovative way to tweak and switch up your pics manually! I am a complete beginner at photography and have just now bought a Nikon Cool Pix s9700 am learning to use the manual mode first before moving on to a DSLR. Thanks for the tip!

  • I am so going to try this with my EM 10 when I get home. What a great tip!

  • feedixon

    Awesome tip Chantelle. I really want to try this camera out and have a go at this.

  • I must try this – a very cool idea.. oh how I wish I had got an Olympus! 🙁

  • Thank you, you inspire me, especially after seeing you in person x

  • This is great! Totally have to try this out!!

  • Martin

    Love the photos, think I’ll give this a go too!

  • Very cool! I’ll definitely be trying this out 🙂

  • hilde

    Super tip, I think I might get my DSLR and cling wrap out this weekend to experiment 🙂

  • Love this one! Such an easy thing to do. Might be the same as putting your sunglasses in front of the lens, or using cellophane? Oooh experimenting time this weekend methinks! Thanks for the hot tip! x

  • Hi there, just wanted to let you know you inspired me to get an Olympus OM-D EM-10 for my own blog & I love it! We did some of our own research & comparisons & came back to this choice in the end. I’m going to enjoy learning new tips & tricks! Mel x