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Fun on the Gold Coast: Sea World, Wet’n’Wild & WhiteWater World

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Last week we had our family Christmas party, and we were lucky enough to have all our extended family travel all the way up to spend time with us. My cousin, his wife and three kids turned their trip into a big holiday, and it was pretty cool to see them so excited about our beaches and visiting the parks. Photos from their adventures have been popping up on Facebook and it just reminds me how lucky we are to live here, and for others to be able to come and visit us {and the parks too}.

Recently I shared a little bit about what I love about Movie World and Dreamworld, and today I wanted to share what we love about Sea World and a few tips on what to do at WhiteWater World and Wet’N’Wild too.

Sea World

What’s to love about Sea World

♥ Last year we purchased a year pass to Sea World and managed a fair few trips over the 12 months. There’s lots to do and see for kids of all ages, but it was particularly perfect for Lacey. She loved learning about the animals and having fun too. She was given a pass to swim with the dolphins, so next year she’ll be doing that.
♥ Sea World has a new cub in town. His name is Henry and he’s as cute as can be. He has his own little play area and shouldn’t be missed.
♥ But you have to check out the big Polar Bears too. They’re my favourites. They are so playful and cute, and just huggable {well they look at it, but it’s probably not advisable to hug one if you happen to see them in the wild!}.
♥ There’s a new ride now open at Sea World too, called Storm. I’ve seen it, and it looks vomit-worthy {which means it’s good!}
♥ At 11:15am everyday {and I’m sure other times too, but that’s the time we always go to} there is a dolphin show that always draws a great crowd. My tip is to sit down the front because one lucky person will get to play with the dolphins {they always pick an enthusiastic kid}.


Now let’s talk about Wet’n’Wild

♥ We haven’t managed to visit any of the water parks yet, but I know we’re going to be visiting them a lot in the near future. {Note to self: Must work on bikini body}.
♥ Wet’n’Wild is located just outside Movie World, in case you want to plan your day to visit both.
♥ At any park I’m always a fan of the river rapids {which always seem to be the calmer ride where you might only get a little bit wet} but nobody is fooling me on this one, Wet’n’Wild’s River Rapids has two slides for the andrenalin junkies and thankfully two for the not so brave and little people too.
♥ Wet’n’Wild is the perfect place have fun AND get wet {hence the name}. They’ve got a huge range of slides for big people. The constrictor is a big slide where you slip and slide into the belly of the snake. You can go up to 30km/ph {i.e. fast!}
♥ There are calmer areas for the littler kids too, like the pirate-themed Buccaneer Bay.


And WhiteWater World

♥ WhiteWater World is located just outside Dream World, so if you wanted to spend your day at Dream World and then cool off at WhiteWater World in the late afternoon – it might be a great way to plan your day.
Pipeline Plunge is a hugely popular ride that has just been refurbished. It’s got the huge dumping bucket that will pour at any time.
♥ Wiggle Bay is the perfect place for the littler kids to stay cool and have fun.
♥ Cave of Waves looks like my kinda place to float and relax. I’d be hiring myself a private cabana too. Fancy!
♥ There’s also a surf school so the kids can learn how to surf. I love that idea, it’s a controlled environment {i.e. no unpredictable waves!} so my anxiety levels wouldn’t have to go sky high!

For more info on all the parks, click here: Movie World | Dreamworld | Sea World | Wet’n’Wild | WhiteWater World

  • Michelle @ Jarrah Jungle

    Sounds like you had an awesome time. I travelled from WA to QLD to meet up with my brother for a 2 week road trip and we ended our time visiting all these theme parks … I was 25 him 27 and it was like we were living our childhood dream of going to these parks. Except that it was as much fun for us adults as it is for the kids, although I guess I did feel like a big kid some of the time 🙂 We had an absolute ball and I loved sea world the most with its live water show, they really put on a great performance!