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The Friends I’ve Never Met

Fat Mum Slim /

I want to tell you a secret.

Well, I guess it’s not so much a secret but something that I don’t really bring up very often with people because it’s hard to explain. And when I do start to explain it gets confusing and weird, and I wish I didn’t start. It’s not something I’m embarrassed of, AT ALL, in fact quite the opposite. Anyway, I going to start to explain here and hopefully it all makes sense.

You know that behind every good woman is a bunch of other amazing women? Well, that’s not really how the quote goes because when I searched the saying goes, ‘Behind every great woman is herself’. But I want to talk about that bunch of amazing women, because I have them. I have beautiful friends in my life. I have amazing family. I have a superb husband. But there is also this small group of women in my corner of the internet that I’ve known since before I had kids.

These are the friends I’ve never met.

We’ve been friends for over 9 years. We’ve planned weddings together, got pregnant together {well not together-together, but at the same time} and we birthed together. We navigated those early months of motherhood together, and now are weathering the storm that is older children together. As a group we’ve celebrated great highs; the weddings, the engagements, the pregnancy announcements, the births of new babies, buying new homes, career highs, smashing personal goals, and so much more. We cheer each other on through all of those great things.

And we’re there for the not-so-good times too, when you need your friends most. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of night or day it is, someone will be there to let you know you’re being heard. They have the best advice, the best virtual hugs, and just the words you need to hear. They’ve helped me navigate my business, when I haven’t known what I’m doing {thank goodness for friends who work in law, HR, and other important jobs!}, and most of all they’ve helped with personal stuff that I just needed someone to listen, because life isn’t always easy.

When I was going through the hardest time of my life, when Lacey wasn’t sleeping and I was trying to juggle being a good employee/mum/wife/person and just survive on pretty much no sleep at all, I felt like I was breaking. It was night after night of the worst battle I’ve ever been through. They were there. I know that if we lived close enough, one of my friends would have turned up on my doorstep and taken over for a day, or two. Instead we do what we can from where we are, and that meant giving me advice, listening to me, and supporting me in every way they could.

They’ve been there for me recently when I’ve been going through some shitty health things, when I needed support most.

We’ve all been there for each other. We’ve supported friends through miscarriages, losing loved ones, health scares, divorces, cheating spouses, and difficult childhood stages. Through everything. Always.

I can’t imagine life without these friends I’ve never met.

I guess I tell a fib, because there are some I have met. I’ve been invited to see my ‘internet’ friend get married, danced on dance floors for hours on nights out, and hung out with some of these friends {that photo above is from one of those nights back when, when we danced all night and I ate cherries from cocktails!}. I’ve traveled halfway across the globe and spent one of my favourite days hanging out with one of those friends from the internet. I have met only a few of these ladies {and there are many}, and they were everything I imagined them to be and more. I know that as life unfolds I’ll meet more and more of the friends I haven’t yet met.

For now though, I’m grateful for my friends I found on the internet. I’m grateful that I found my tribe, and that the internet brought us together. I am grateful for the friends I haven’t met, yet.