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How To Stay On Track This Easter

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Happy Easter! My kids were so much more excited about Easter than Christmas, or even their birthdays. I woke at 2am to a small child at my face crying because the Easter bunny hadn’t come, and then woken on the hour after that until I surrendered at 5:30am. They were SO excited.

I know a lot of us have been working hard to make life better, and to improve our fitness and health for the past few months. I’ve been moving more, eating better and heading to the gym twice and week, along with so many others in our Make Life Good group. So, we don’t want to to undo all that, do we? The challenge for this week is to give Easter a healthy makeover, so that’s what this blog post is all about. Of course, you know what works for you. I believe life is short, so if you want to eat chocolate for breakfast – do that. Click away now and eat up! Have one for me.

I think it’s all about balance. I want to enjoy life and food, but also take care of me and not feel crap when Tuesday rolls around and all the eggs are gone, and all we’re left with is a scattering of foil wedged deep into the carpet.

1. Organise Exercise Dates

While it’s fun to hang out over cheese platters and wines, it’s also fun to hang out with friends and get active. Set a date to meet at a local place {a National Park, beach or somewhere else that has a great walking track} and get moving, and chatting. If you’ve consumed a small bunny, you’ll have to walk for an hour or two to work it off according to our friends at Bupa… so perhaps make a few workout dates with friends, or by yourself.

2. Swap Naughty For Nice

Easter can easily turn into a long weekend Feaster, so why not swap a few traditions. Try healthier alternatives to your normal indulgent favourites. This Easter smoothie is too cute. Head over to the Blue Room for the recipe, and other healthy Easter treats. You might also like to try these for kids.

3. Treat Yo Self

If your house is anything like mine, there’s chocolate EVERYWHERE. The Easter bunny has arrived, and he’s been generous… and so have family and friends. The funny thing is, I’m not tempted… because I haven’t denied myself. I’ve told myself if I want something, I can have it. I really like hot cross buns, so I’ve treated myself with a few of those instead and I’m satisfied.

Most of all, have a great Easter. I hope you have a great time with the people you love.

What’s the Make Life Good Challenge? It’s a collaboration between Fat Mum Slim and Bupa to make life better, healthier and happier. Over the year we’ll tackle 52 easy challenges to make life more awesome. Read more about the challenge here, and join us on Facebook here {we’ve got an amazing, inspiring and supportive group!}.